#3: Help! I've Lost Myself!#3: Help! I've Lost Myself!
Charlene Ann Baumbich
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Set in Partonville, a circle-the-square town in Illinois where farming and progress meet head on. Dorothy Wetstra, 87, is the town's spunky matriarch, in her own glorious and time-honored way, but she's far from perfect. Her relationship with "the Big Guy" is filled with every-day talk like, "Dear Lord, DO SOMETHING! Riotous fun, the adventures of the Wild Musketeers, Partonville's senior citizens softball team, struggles with change and strong family, intergenerational and transforming relationships drive the stories down the country roads and right into your heart.

 Help, I've Lost Myself, Dearest Dorothy Series #3 Discussion Questions by Charlene Baumbich

1. Gladys's cantankerous fašade seems to be showing cracks. Do you think her stern attitude is a result of deeper psychological issues? Does she take her position as acting mayor too far?

2. Josh realizes he's getting a little big for his britches. Can you recall being put in your place? Were you grateful? Is the emphasis on being "popular" damaging to children?

3. Dorothy takes a cricket's chirp to be a sign from God. Have you ever asked for a sign from God that was granted? If it were as subtle as a cricket's chirp, would you even notice?

4. Katie gets a bit angry when Dorothy keeps talking about God. Is it better to witness to people in turmoil or to let them find the peace of prayer on their own?

5. Dorothy prays and prays about whether or not to tell Katie the truth about her past. Do you agree with her decision?

6. Do you agree that the secret Katie discovers about her mother should be shared with the residents of Partonville? Will it help her fellow townsfolk to accept her?

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