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Young's Analytical Concordance to the BibleYoung's Analytical Concordance to the Bible
Robert Young
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Much more than just a great concordance!

By organizing entries according to the original Hebrew and Greek words, Young's is designed to allow any student of the Bible to distinguish and analyze important shades of meaning and to gain a deeper appreciation and better understanding of the sacred text.

The predominating benefit to the user of Young's is the unique organization and arrangement. For every English word in the Bible, the analytical arrangement of Young's provides the following:
  • The original Hebrew or Greek word or words
  • The literal meaning of every such word
  • The thoroughly true and reliable parallel passages
Additional special features:
  • Over 310,000 biblical references
  • Clarifies which Hebrew or Greek words are translated by more than one English word, as well as which English words are used to translate multiple Hebrew or Greek words
  • The proper names of persons and places are included in their alphabetical order, with the literal meaning of each, where identifiable
This beautiful edition now includes the Hebrew and Greek dictionaries at the back. And, unlike other editions, this one is printed on high-quality paper. Based on the King James Version (KJV).


The New Combined Bible Dictionary and ConcordanceThe New Combined Bible Dictionary and Concordance
Charles F. Pfeiffer
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Two terrific resources are merged into this convenient volume that features over 10,000 concise but comprehensive entries. The concordance function lets you quickly identify the exact King James quotation you're looking for, while the dictionary entries provide clear definitions and explanations of Scripture terms including persons and places. This resource also features a brief introduction by Charles F. Pfeiffer on "How to Study the Bible."


  • Cruden's Compact Concordance, CBD Price: $9.99
  • The New Strong's Compact Bible ConcordanceThe New Strong's Compact Bible Concordance
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    The Compact Bible Concordance contains over 40,000 entries and includes brief definitions and pronunciation guides for all proper names, key references for Bible words arranged from A to Z, helps you quickly locate favorite passages, and offers the essentials of Strong's in a convenient size. 7x4.5 inches.

    Note: print is very, very small.


    Cruden's Complete Concordance, hardcoverCruden's Complete Concordance, hardcover
    Alexander Cruden
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    Bible students have enjoyed Cruden's easy-to-use format and portable size for over 250 years. This valuable reference is handy for fast word studies or just for finding a favorite passage. It is ideal for busy Bible students, teachers, and pastors who need a convenient and portable concordance enabling the reader to quickly locate all of the occurrences of any given word in the Bible. It includes an alphabetical listing of every word in the King James Version, along with over 200,000 chapter and verse references, a complete concordance to proper names in Scripture, and is handy for word studies or just for tracking down a favorite passage. Special features include: Cruden's original notes and comments on Bible places, names, and types, names and titles given to Jesus Christ, and titles and descriptions applied to the Church.
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