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Q: When you were 350 pounds, you cried out to God to help you. How did He respond?

A: God whispered my name on the night I cried out to Him. That is when my heart shifted and my weight-loss journey began. It was the beginning of a new life. I decided that night, in prayer, that I had to stop trying to run the show. Finally grasping God's love for me, I would never go down the old road again. I surrendered to God that night, and that changed my life.

Q: How do you believe that we love with control?

A: My previous way of loving food was an unhealthy obsession. By pondering all the choices available at most meals, I'd often choose an entree with the belief that it would fill my need for happiness and control. And every time I chose to eat something, I would feel in control and happy--for about five seconds. Just until the next time I walked past a mirror and realized that I was wearing my control issues.

Q: If food isn't the real enemy, then what is?

A: Sure, food is a challenge. But every one of us has been fighting a more troublesome opponent: ourselves! Our skewed thinking and mixed-up brains are the culprits. We defeat ourselves in advance by the way we rig our minds to think about food. For too long we have believed that the biggest and hardest struggle we face is the raw desire to eat the foods we crave. Then, if we give in, we tell ourselves that we are weak and lacking in self-discipline. This combination is the most effective way to defeat yourself and sabotage your health and fitness.

Q: What do you think it means to "love" food?

A: The Bible says, "Perfect love casts out fear" (I John 4:18), which means love and fear can't coexist. Aren't you tired of fearing food, your perceived enemy? Loving food is not a sin. How could it be? God gave us the ability to taste. He wants us to have this enjoyment in life. It is a God-given source of pleasure. The problems arise  when we take something that's good and allow its pleasure to become so addictive that we stop practicing self-control and regular restraint. Love that we fail to limit and control causes pain and agony.

Q: What happens when we love food in the wrong way, and what changes when we love food in a way that helps us live well?

A: Like many people, I love brownies. So what happens when I want a brownie? I have one. But because I'm living well, I don't allow myself to have a brownie every day. When I do have one I want to really love eating it. If I go overboard with brownies, I know that the pleasure will diminish. And with a brownie, it's worth it to get maximum enjoyment.

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