Loving JesusLoving Jesus
Mark Allan Powell

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In this biblical spirituality for today, Powells earnest plea is for Christians to revisit their faith not by blazing in religious enthusiasm but by harboring a steadier flame and deeper commitment. Living at the poetic heart of faith, he argues, entails seeing the coordinates of religious life--love, understanding, truth, hope, and especially devotion--in a new way. Powell espouses the old fashioned idea of piety. Drawing on his wide knowledge of the Bible and Christian tradition, as well as insights from his own journey, he shows how simple religious practices move us beyond the old certitudes of a naive and youthful faith into the less certain but more bracing terrain of a second naivete, a closer walk with Jesus.

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1. Na´ve Again

2. The Poetry of Faith

3. Sense-able Spirituality

4. The American Way

5. Temple, Body, Bride

6. Presence and Absence

7. Soon and Very Soon

8. A Flicker in Time

9. Already and Not Yet

10. Baptism and Death

11. Jesus Is for Losers

12. People of Little Faith

13. Easter Ambiguity

14. Sunday Morning

15. Hearts and Treasures

16. Something to Savor

17. Conversation with God

18. A Strange Segue

19. For the World

20. The Great Truth