The Clinton Economic Boom: And Other Myths Of The Clinton PresidencyThe Clinton Economic Boom: And Other Myths Of The Clinton Presidency
B.A. Marbue Brown
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Bill Clinton often gets credit for being the architect of the longest economic expansion in U.S. history and for being the catalyst for 22+ million jobs that were created during his tenure. Based on this reputation, the conventional wisdom is that the U.S. can regain the prosperity of the Clinton era by electing a president with similar political values, who will advance similar policies. B. A. Marbue Brown challenges the conventional wisdom by presenting a fact-based analysis, which shows that five factors combined to create an economic perfect storm during the Clinton years, and that the President had little if any influence over those factors. He also shows that several popular beliefs about the administration's economic record are founded on myths. Then leveraging lessons learned from his analysis, he adds prescriptions that policymakers can use to drive economic growth in more typical circumstances. Almost 300 citations back up his conclusions. B. A. Marbue Brown is a veteran of the Information Technology (IT) industry with more than 20 years experience. Over the course of his career, he has held senior positions with IT industry leaders Microsoft Corporation, Cisco Systems and Telcordia Technologies. Mr. Brown is an accomplished market research expert, whose work has been published in The Handbook of Business Strategy and Marketing Research Magazine. He has consulted extensively in the Communications industry, particularly with Fortune 100 telecommunications companies. He specializes in analyzing IT market and technology trends to formulate competitive business strategies. He is also highly regarded for helping companies improve business performance through advanced customer research analytics.