A Pastor & The Pastor's Wife, Framed SentimentA Pastor & The Pastor's Wife, Framed Sentiment
Larry Howland
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A Pastor

A pastor is a faithful friend
Who has his Father's flock to tend.
He cares for us through trying days.
Retrieves the lamb who sometimes strays.

He brings us loving words from God,
Of Moses' feats with Aaron's rod,
Of Daniel in the lion's den,
Of godly women and their men.
From parables the Master taught
To understanding what Paul thought.
He speaks to us of God's dear Son,
Of unity, so we'll be one.

When sick or sad he's always there
To comfort, guide and offer prayer.
He's tender, caring, meek and kind;
The Spirit's in his heart and mind.

Larry Howland

The Pastor' Wife

And She's like a fresh and lovely rose
That angels planted, then God chose.
He gave her soft and gentle ways
To help us through our trying days.

She walks with us through pain and loss
And lives the meaning of the cross.
She always thinks of others first
And loves us when we're at our worst.

She has such kind and gentle ways
And builds us up with words of praise.
Her tears and prayers and long hours spent
Have helped so many to repent.

A confidant with whom to share,
A partner when it comes to prayer,
Two blessings in a Christian's life
Are pastor and his faithful wife.

Larry Howland