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Part I: The Experience of Crime
Chapter 1: A Vignette
Chapter 2: The Victim
Chapter 3: The Offender
Chapter 4: Some Common Themes

Part II: The Justice Paradigm
Chapter 5: Retributive Justice
Chapter 6: Justice as Paradigm

Part III: Roots and Signposts
Chapter 7: Community Justice: The Historical Alternative
Chapter 8: Covenant Justice: The Biblical Alternative
Chapter 9: VORP: An Experimental Plot

Part IV: A New Lens
Chapter 10: A Restorative Lens
Chapter 11: Where from Here?


Appendix 1: A Restorative Justice Yardstick
Appendix 2: The Subversion of Visions
Appendix 3: Suggestions for Group Study
Appendix 4: Lessons from Sentencing Circles and Family Group Conferences
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