Changing Lenses: A New Focus for Crime & JusticeChanging Lenses: A New Focus for Crime & Justice
Howard J. Zehr
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Crime victims have many needs, most of which our criminal justice system ignores. In fact, the justice system often increases the injury. Offenders are less ignored by this system, but their real needs for accountability, for closure, for healing: are also left unaddressed. Such failures are not accidental, but are inherent in the very definitions and assumptions which govern our thinking about crime and justice.

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Part I: The Experience of Crime
Chapter 1: A Vignette
Chapter 2: The Victim
Chapter 3: The Offender
Chapter 4: Some Common Themes

Part II: The Justice Paradigm
Chapter 5: Retributive Justice
Chapter 6: Justice as Paradigm

Part III: Roots and Signposts
Chapter 7: Community Justice: The Historical Alternative
Chapter 8: Covenant Justice: The Biblical Alternative
Chapter 9: VORP: An Experimental Plot

Part IV: A New Lens
Chapter 10: A Restorative Lens
Chapter 11: Where from Here?


Appendix 1: A Restorative Justice Yardstick
Appendix 2: The Subversion of Visions
Appendix 3: Suggestions for Group Study
Appendix 4: Lessons from Sentencing Circles and Family Group Conferences
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