Top Performance, Revised Edition: How to Develop  Excellence in Yourself and OthersTop Performance, Revised Edition: How to Develop Excellence in Yourself and Others
Zig Ziglar, Krish Dhanam, Bryan Flanagan
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Zig Ziglar shows readers how to get the most out of themselves and others by developing people management skills. He reveals the qualities of good leadership and provides specific solutions for overcoming and correcting poor management practices. Rich with anecdotes and vivid illustrations, this book provides specialized instruction for improving relationships with supervisors, coworkers, and subordinates to achieve maximum effectiveness in any profession.

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Part 1: The Art of Top Performance

1. Building a Foundation
2. Choosing to Be a Top Performer
3. Causing Others to Want Your Leadership
4. Look for the Good
5. Expect the Best
6. "Wait for Me, I'm Your Leader!"
7. "People Just Don't Care..."
Part 2: The Science of Top Performance
8. "But I Thought You Said..."
9. Recognizing, Rewarding, and Role Modeling for Top Performance
10. Getting to Know You...and Me, Too!
11. Management Gems
Part 3: Motivating the Top Performer
12. A Formula for Motivation
13. Why You Manage...Why They Follow
14. Managing Productivity
15. Education to Overcome Management Paralysis
16. The Secret ot Management Motivation
17. It Takes Time

Epilogue: A Unique Opportunity