Vocation: Discerning our Calling in LifeVocation: Discerning our Calling in Life
Douglas Schuurman
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Schuurman draws on the Lutheran and Calvinist traditions in constructing his doctrine of vocation. In doing so, he provides biblical, theological, and ethical analysis in exploring current responses to the classic view of vocation and offers a revised statement and application of this doctrine for contemporary North American Christians. According to Schuurman, many Christians today find it both strange and difficult to interpret their social, economic, political, and cultural lives as responses to God's calling. To renew this biblical perspective Christians must recover the language, meaning, and reality of life as vocation, which (it is hoped) will inevitably lead them to experience and understand God more deeply.

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1. Vocation under Assault: Can It Be Salvaged?

2. The Bible on Vocation

3. Theology for Vocation - Religious Affections and Vocation

4. Abuses and Proper Uses of Vocation

5. Vocation, Decisions, and the Moral Life I

6. Vocation, Decisions, and the Moral Life II

7. Vocation in the Wider World