Shadow Women: Homeless Women's Survival  StoriesShadow Women: Homeless Women's Survival Stories
Marjorie Bard
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Since 1975, Dr. Marjorie Bard has listened to the homeless--especially homeless women. They have told her their stories despite threats of retaliation and begged her to bring their problems and the social injustice that underlies these problems to the attention of all who would listen, and those who deny any problem exists. Out of these encounters, as well as Dr. Bard's own experience of homelessness, emerges Shadow Women.
This book also describes being "at risk": a paycheck, widowhood, or unfair divorce settlement away from sleeping in a car, living in malls and parks, "dining" in grocery storyes. And Shadow Women is about hope--hope through awareness, participation, and innovation: awareness by individuals and communities of those hidden in the shadows; the participation of those with the problem and those aware of the problem in grassroots organizing for relief; and innovative strategies, gleaned largely from the experiences and ideas of homeless women, for restructuring aid, networks, systems, and beliefs.

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Chapter 1: Hide-and-Seek Shelter and Sustenance
Chapter 2: Cliff-hanging Economics
Chapter 3: Peekaboo Politics
Chapter 4: Blind [In]justice and Social [Ir]responsibility
Chapter 5: The Ragged Edge of Sanity
Chapter 6: The Light: A Churchwomen's Movement