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Note to Readers
How This Book Will Equip You to Make the Case for Marriage

Section 1: Answering the Same-Sex Marriage Proponents

1. What's Wrong with LEtting Homosexuals Marry?
2. Isn't This Primarily an Issue of Justice?
3. Haven't Other Cultures Had Same-Sex Marriage?
4. How Would Homosexual Marriage Threaten Other Families?
5. Wouldn't Gay Marriage Make for a More Open and Equitable Society?
6. Don't Children Just Need Loving Parents
7. Haven't Professional Medical Groups Said Same-Sex Parenting Is Fine For Kids?
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Section II: Understanding How Marriage Matters to Adults, Children and Society

8. How Does Marriage Benefit Adults?
9. How Does Marriage Benefit Children?
10. Why Do Children Need Mothers and Fathers?
11. How Heterosexuals PAved the Way for the Same-Sex Family
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Section III: Debunking the Myths About Homosexuality

12. Are Homosexuals "Born Gay"?
13. Is Homosexuality "Normal and Natural"?
14. Can Homosexuals Change Their Sexual Orientation?
15. Do All Homosexuals Want to Get Married?
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Conclusion: A Christian Understanding of Marriage
Appendix: IS There Hope for the Homosexual?: A Discussion on Change and Hope with Mike Haley and Melissa Fryrear