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Oral Reading Assessment TestOral Reading Assessment Test
Samuel L. Blumenfeld
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Discover exactly what reading level your student is at with the Blumenfeld Oral Reading Assessment Test. The four-page test features 38 columns of words, with each column containing 10 words, arranged from simple 3-letter, single-syllable words to complex, multi-syllable words. This test will enable you to evaluate your student's skill at simple decoding, and decoding two, three, and multi-syllable words.

This is an oral test; students read the words down each column of the "reading copy" in regular sequence. As the student reads, the tester listens and follows their own copy, marking any incorrect words; the total number of errors is the final score.

Five sets of marking copies for the pre-tests and five sets of marking copies for the after-test are included for you to be able to administer the test five times over. A grade-level scoring chart and section on interpreting the score is also provided. 3rd Grade through adult.

Blumenfeld Oral Reading Assessment Test Pronunciation CD-RomBlumenfeld Oral Reading Assessment Test Pronunciation CD-Rom
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This audio CD pronounces all the words that students are tested on by the sold-separatelyBlumenfeld Oral Reading Assessment Test.All 380 words in both the pre-test and post-test arepronounced for teachers to be absolutely sure of their pronunciation. Approximately 30 minutes on CD.

NEA: Trojan Horse in American Education on CD-RomNEA: Trojan Horse in American Education on CD-Rom
Sam Blumenfeld
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NEA: Trojan Horse in American Education is a forceful expose of the National Education Association. In the new preface, author Samuel L. Blumenfeld points to the SEIU and NEA teacher union's recent activities in WI and elsewhere as why it is important to know the history of the organization.

Tracing the history of the NEA, its influences, its transformation to a political force, and its push for total power, Blumenfeld lays out the case that the elitist NEA stands in the way of what parents want. Illuminating how what's really going on is a: "cultural revolution engineered by psycho-educators who will force children to undergo specified attitudinal changes in order to conform to the values and standards of the empowered elite," not education, Blumenfeld warns that teachers are no more the servants of communities.

This is a scanned PDF on CD-ROM. Originally published 1984. 284 pages, all footnotes (156), Index & Appendix included.

Is Public Education Necessary?Is Public Education Necessary?
Samuel Blumenfeld
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Taking the radical approach that public education is not necessary and poses a threat to this country's future freedom and security, Samuel Blumefeld's Is Public Education Necessary? was written to help parents reject "educational tyranny." Blumenfeld exhibits the history of public education in America as a long moral decline tied together with liberalism, Unitarianism, secret communist experiments in the US that preceded Marx, "dishonest motives," and unconscionable interference by the government, and puts forth a solution of a government-free educational model. 214 pages, softcover.

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