The Bride of the Lamb, SoftcoverThe Bride of the Lamb, Softcover
Sergius Bulgakov
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The Bride of the Lamb is widely regarded as Sergius Bulgakov's magnum opus and also one of the greatest works ever produced in the modern Orthodox church. For readers new to Russian religious thought, Bulgakov's work presents a fresh approach to Christian doctrine. He examines issues of ecclesiology and eschatology from a sophiological perspective. This distinctive Russian approach, based on the doctrine of Sophia (the wisdom of God) sees the Creator and creation intimately linked as Divine-humanity. The Bride of the Lamb explores the nature of created beings, the relationship between God and the world, the role of the church, and such eschatological themes as the second coming of Jesus, resurrection and judgment, and the afterlife. Certain to breathe new life into Western approaches to Christian doctrine!

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Translator's Introduction

To The Reader

SECTION I: The Creator and Creation

1. The Creation of the World "Out of Nothing"

1. Cosmism
2. Dualism
3. The Sophianicity of the World

a. Platonism
b. Aristotelianism
c. Patristics
d. Western Theology (Thomas Aquinas)
e. "Creation Out of Nothing"
f. The Eternity of Creation and the Temporality of Its Being

4. The World Soul and Its Hypostases
5. The Eternity and Temporality of Man

2. Creaturely Freedom

3. Evil

1. Creaturely Limitedness and Imperfection
2. Creaturely Freedom as the Possibility of Good and of Evil
3. Original Sin

4. God and Creaturely Freedom

1. Divine Providence with Regard to the World
2. Divine Providence with Regard to Man
3. Divine Causality and Creaturely Freedom
4. The Problem of Predestination
5. God and Creaturely Freedom

SECTION II: The Church, History, and the Afterlife

5. The Church

1. The Essence of the Church
2. The Church as a Sacramental and Hierarchical Organization
3. The Limits of Sacramentalism
4. Grace

6. History

7. Death and the State after Death

SECTION III: Eschatology

8. Parousia, Resurrection, and the City of God

1. Introductory Comments
2. The End of This Age
3. The Parousia
4. The Transfiguration of the World
5. The Universal Resurrection
6. Judgment and Separation
7. The Eternal in the Temporal (On the Eternity of Bliss and Torments)
8. The City of God