River's Edge, Cape Refuge Series #3River's Edge, Cape Refuge Series #3
Terri Blackstock
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Two weeks before the hotly debated mayoral election, Lisa, one of the candidateís wivesí turns up missing. Search parties look everywhere to no avail. Suddenly a local psychic predicts theyíll find her body in an exact location; and he's right. What could be a possible motive for this murder? Don't miss Terri Blackstock's latest book in the Cape Refuge Series! Read an excerpt.
River's Edge Discussion Questions: by Terri Blackstock

1.Is there ever a time when itís acceptable for a Christian to consult a psychic? Read Deuteronomy 18:9-22.

2.Given these scriptures, what is the harm in consulting horoscopes?

3.How does a Christian get the armor described in Ephesians 6:10-18? Can you just pretend to dress yourself with it in the morning? Is that enough?

4.Why does the Paul say we should put on the full armor of God? Read Ephesians 6.

5.What is the belt of truth, and how can you get it? What is the breastplate for?

6.Where can you get that righteousness?

7.How do you prepare your feet?

8.What will the shield of faith do? How can you strengthen it?

9.What are the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit, according to Ephesians 6?

10.Do you have that armor? Is there anything you can do to strengthen it, so that youíll be ready when you need it? Commit to not just reading, but studying Godís Word, so that youíll be armed and equipped against Satanís schemes.

Cape Refuge Series

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