Kiss Me Like You Mean It: Solomon's Crazy-in-Love How-to ManualKiss Me Like You Mean It: Solomon's Crazy-in-Love How-to Manual
Dr. David Clarke
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Marriage Myths Dispelled by Dr. David Clarke


Myth #1: Passion can't last in a marriage, so find a new spouse.

Truth: Passion will last in a marriage, if you do it God's way.

"God says that the marriage bond is sacred and getting a divorce because of a loss of passion is not acceptable. God wants you to stay married and, by obeying his teaching in the Song,  experience deep passion."


Myth #2: Passion can't last in a marriage, but stay with your spouse anyway.

Truth: You and your current spouse can experience passion 'til death parts you.

"It's true that God wants you to stay married, but he certainly does not want you to be in a passion-less marriage. God wants you to feel madly in love, to enjoy exciting sex, and to remain romantic lovers all the way to when you part in death."


Myth #3: You don't need passion for a good marriage.

Truth: You do need passion for an intimate marriage.

"Intimacy cannot exist without passion, and passion is why you're married! Everyone has a desperate need for passion. If you don't have it with your spouse, you are not dedicated to living by biblical principles."


Myth #4: Passion doesn't require any effort; it just happens.

Truth: Passion requires hard work.

"Getting your passion back and keeping it for a lifetime will demand a lot of effort. You must engage in romantic behavior first, and then your feelings of passion - deeper and more intimate - will follow."