Burn Discussion Questions: by Ted Dekker


1.  In an early draft of Burn, Janeal was kidnapped by Salazar Sanso in chapter 3. Later, the authors decided that Janeal would have willingly gone with him at his request. Why would she have done this? How were the choices Janeal had to make after her encounter with Sanso affected by her willing relationship as opposed to a forced confrontation?



2.   Janeal hates Sanso but also is attracted to some of the very qualities she despises. What are these qualities? What causes her feelings about him to be divided? Why does he later become obsessed with her?



3.  What or whom does Sanso represent to Janeal? Why?



4.  What does Mrs. Marković mean when she says, "There are two chambers in every heart, one for Judas and one for John"? Do you agree with her?



5.  Do you see Janeal's abandonment of Katie in the fire as a moral choice (to save or not to save a human life) or a practical one (to preserve one life rather than destroy two)? Or would you describe that moment of decision in other terms? Explain.



6.  How is Robert's years-long pursuit of Sanso like Janeal's attraction to Sanso? How is it different? Does his commitment to bringing Sanso to justice bring out the best in Robert or the worst?



7.  The Katie who lived represents the best of both women, Janeal and the Katie who died. Does this make her better than both women, or merely different from them? Which of Janeal's personality traits are preserved in Katie's post-fire life? Was the price she had to pay to achieve her maturity worth it? Explain why or why not.



8.  What blinds Robert to the truth about Katie and Janeal, before and after the fire? Why is he torn between his love for each of them?



9.  Katie says to Robert, "What's more astounding than justice is mercy." What did she mean? How would Janeal have reacted to this remark if Katie had said it to her?



10.  Imagine a choice you made in your past that, maybe in retrospect, has moral implications you didn’t realize at the time. If you’d made a different decision, how might your life be different than it is today, for better or worse?



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