Calvin's ChristologyCalvin's Christology
Stephen Edmondson

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Stephen Edmondson articulates a coherent Christology from Calvin's commentaries and his Institutes. He argues that, through the medium of Scripture's history, Calvin, the biblical humanist, renders a Christology that seeks to capture both the breadth of God's multifaceted grace as enacted in history, and the hearts of God's people as formed by history. What emerges is a picture of Christ as the Mediator of God's covenant through his threefold role of priest, king and prophet.

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The outline of this book

1 Christ as Mediator

Stancaro and the traditional doctrine of the Mediator
Calvinís response to Stancaro

2 Christ and the covenant history

The covenant history
Christ in history
The Gospel history

3 Christ as priest

The sacerdotal office in the Gospel commentaries
Christís sacerdotal office in the Institutes

4 Christ as king

Christís royal office in the Gospel commentaries
Christís royal office in the Institutes
The eternityof Christís kingdom
Christology in the Institutes

5 Christ as prophet

Christís prophetic office in the Gospel commentaries
Christís prophetic office in the Institutes
Christ as the object of faith

6 The person of the Mediator

Calvinís use of persona
Testimony to Christís persona in Calvinís commentaries
ďHope that God might dwell with usĒ