Sarah's Song, Red Glove Series #3Sarah's Song, Red Glove Series #3
Karen Kingsbury
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The ritual is the same every December: twelve handmade paper ornaments and a small plastic Christmas tree; twelve days for eighty-six-year-old Sarah Baldwin to remember her long-ago love; twelve chances for Sarah to sing her song once more, even just from her room in the lonely nursing home. Who will God bring to Sarah to share this tiny ritual of joy and His love?


 Sarah's Song Discussion Questions by Karen Kingsbury


1. What were Sarah’s feelings as she faced Christmas alone in a nursing home?



2. Tell about someone you know in a nursing home, maybe a relative or a friend. What are their feelings about aging?



3. Why did Sarah savor her memories, keeping them until Christmas time?



4. Do you think this ritual helped her handle her losses? Why or why not?



5. Have you ever considered that the people lying in nursing homes have stories to tell? Describe one such story from someone you know about or know of?



6. As a young girl, Sarah was determined to chase her dreams. Was there something her parents could’ve done to warn her about the possible disillusionment ahead? Or did she need to discover that on her own?



7. What details prove that Sarah was resourceful in pursuing a singing contract? When have you applied your wit and determination to something? What was the outcome?



8. Sarah compromises in her quest to find fame and what she thinks is love. How did this happen, what series of small choices led to this compromise?



9. Why was Beth Baldwin feeling bored with life? Describe a time when you felt this way.



10. Sarah prayed for God to work a miracle in this, her last Christmas. How did He answer her? Explain how Beth was drawn to Sarah as the twelve days of Christmas played out.



11. Sam Lindeman was a special man. Describe the attributes that made him that way. How did he prove himself to Sarah?



12. Sarah made a point of remembering her love story with Sam. What is your love story? Write it down somewhere so that it will forever be a part of your family history.




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