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Allie's Answers, The Seekers #1Allie's Answers, The Seekers #1
Gina Linko

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Allie Johnson knows that this summer - the summer before her eighth grade year - is going to be a blast. Allie is looking forward to playing basketball with her best friend, Holden, hanging out with her church group, the Seekers, and - best of all - having fun at the Golden Oaks Festival. The whole town is gearing up for it. They have to decorate for the carnival, plan the dance, and...Then it happens. Golden Oak's biggest bullies start picking on Allie's freind Tess, and Allie knows that she and her friends have to do something, but what?

Holden's Heart: Topical StudyHolden's Heart: Topical Study
Yvonne Steindal
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The Seekers is an engaging novel series for middle school/junior high youth about a group of friends called "The Seekers" and the issues that they face as they grow up and grow in faith. The novels can also be used as springboards for discussion about real-life issues that young people wrestle with in their lives. This leader guide accompanies "Holden's Heart" as a way to open the themes of the novel and use them in youth group gatherings.

Frank's Fear, The Seekers #6Frank's Fear, The Seekers #6
Gina Linko
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Thrift store shopping, coupon cutting, living in a mobile home, overcoming a stutter - these are all things that Frank Kowalski knows to well. These are also things that Frank is keeping secret. Worried that these secrets could ruin his newfound friendships with the Seekers - and especially with Rebecca - Frank finds himself trapped in a web of his own lies, unsure whether he can find a way out.

Frank's Fear - Topical StudyFrank's Fear - Topical Study
Gina Linko

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This series of novels for middle school and junior high youth centers on a group of characters - the Seekers - that wrestle with questions, issues, joys, and concerns of early adolescence.

The accompanying topical Bible study draws from and develops the themes in the novels.


  • Explores topics important to preteens
  • Includes a topical Bible study for use in a Sunday school or midweek setting
  • Uses a medium familiar to preteens in their daily lives.

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