The Promise of Peace, Scottish Crown Series #4The Promise of Peace, Scottish Crown Series #4
Carol Umberger
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Six years after the Scottish victory at Stirling, the peace between England and Scotland remains an uneasy one. Robert the Bruce and his nobles have signed a declaration of freedom that they are willing to sign with their lives.
The Promise of Peace Discussion Questions: by Carol Umberger

1. How did Angusís love for his brotherís wife turn into the need for revenge?

2. Name some ways that God could have helped him deal with unrequited love.

3. The Bible says the sins of the father will affect a family onto the 7th generation. Is this literally true or is it a way of reminding us of the far-reaching consequences of sin?

4. There is something very appealing about the concept of childhood sweethearts. Name some of the things that make such a relationship special.

5. The book discusses the old custom of fostering children to strengthen family ties. Discuss the pros and cons of such an arrangement.

6. Keiferís foster parents faced the same challenges with him as they did with their own children. Were they in a better position to raise him than his sister? Why or why not?

7. How did you feel when Keifer asked Owyn to leave him behind?

8. Did you think less of Keifer for asking such a thing of his friend or did you understand his hopelessness?

9. Why did Keifer try to drive Nola away?

10. Owynís loyalty to Keifer is very touching. Has your life been blessed with such a friendship? How has this friend shown their loyalty to you?

11. Itís easy to believe and be thankful when life is going well but hard to believe when you are in the pit of despair. Still harder is to be thankful for the pit and what you learn from adversity. What have you learned from obstacles you have overcome? Have you thanked God for those challenges and the lessons learned?

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