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Favorite Bible verses: Jeremiah 29:11 and Ephesians 3:20. “I have a plan for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (NIV)

Terri Blackstock's books have sold over 1.8 million copies.  She has over thirty Christian titles, many of which have been number one best-sellers.  Her most recent books include suspense series which include The Restoration Series and Cape Refuge Series.  She is also the author of a devotional gift book called Soul Restoration: Hope for the Weary.


 Advice for New Writers: by Terri Blackstock

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1)      Don’t get it right, get it written.  I used to spend weeks writing and rewriting the first three chapters, until I heard this bit of advice.  Now I write the first draft without judgment, and rewrite extensively on the subsequent drafts.  Just having the book on paper–even if it’s terrible–makes the rest of the job seem easier.


2)      Attend writer’s conferences, especially the ones that offer you appointments with editors.  Be prepared to pitch your idea to them and follow through immediately when they ask to see your manuscript.


3)      Join a writer’s group and make friends with other writers who understand you.


4)      Don’t talk about your plots to your family, friends, acquaintances.  People who talk a lot about their plots usually never wind up writing them.


5)       Don’t expect to sell your first book with just a proposal.  Write the whole thing, then start submitting it.  Even if it doesn’t sell, your work isn’t wasted, because you’ll learn a lot in the process.


6      Be prepared to revise.  I still have to revise every single book after my editor sees it.  I look forward to his or her input because it always helps me take my book to the next level.


7)     If you’re not good with grammar and spelling, take a course.  An editor will not even look at your manuscript if you don’t have a good command of the language.


8)     Set aside your writing time, and don’t let anything distract you.  Don’t do laundry, run errands, set doctor’s appointments, or plan anything else during that time.


9)     Put God first, and your family second.  Your writing should come somewhere after that.  Fame, fortune, and bestsellerdom are not worth anything if you don’t have your priorities straight.


10)     Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established. (Proverbs 16:3)




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Miracles: The Listener and The Gifted 2 in 1
Terri Blackstock
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