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PMS & Mood Swings, The Bible Cure SeriesPMS & Mood Swings, The Bible Cure Series
Don Colbert M.D.
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For three weeks out of every month, the woman is energetic, upbeat and even-tempered. Then it happens. A week before her period begins, she can experience mood swings from depression to irritability to anger. She can feel lethargic, have trouble concentrating and crave junk food. For millions of women, these symptons subside just as menstruation begins. They are the symptons of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). But women don't have to succumb to these symptons. A great deal has been learned in recent years about PMS and doctors can recommend an array of traditional and complimentary remedies to help reduce symptoms. Dr. Colbert's extensive training in alternative therapies makes this booklet extremely helpful for women who suffer with PMS.

The Bible Cure for MenopauseThe Bible Cure for Menopause
Don Colbert M.D.
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Have you arrived at "the change of life" yet? The good news is that this autumn season of menopause is not a disease - it's a transition, and you can go through it feeling healthy and great. This book contains findings that your own doctor may never have told you! Includes:
  • Hot flashes reduced-the natural way
  • Vitamins and supplements-your friends for life
  • Your ideal weight-finding it and keeping it
  • Meal planning


    Change Your Food, Change Your MoodChange Your Food, Change Your Mood
    Janet Maccaro
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    Could how you feel be linked to your last meal? You bet! Nutritionist Maccaro empowers you to fight back against stress, depression, anxiety, anger, and addiction by replenishing your body with foods and supplements that enhance your mood. Learn how to stock your kitchen with brain-balancers, hormone-helpers, stress-busters, sleep-enhancers, energy-boosters, and more!



    Honey, They Shrunk My HormonesHoney, They Shrunk My Hormones
    Caron Chandler Loveless
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    Is the alarm on your biological clock about to break the sound barrier? Are you encountering certain anxiety-producing, heat-generating, life-altering experiences? Could you use a little help sorting things out? If you said yes to any of these questions, then this book is exactly what you need. This humorous, insightful book is about way more than hormones and night sweats. It's a virtual micropedia of the joys and afflictions that often accompany women in their "second adulthood." Hitch a wild, informative ride and explore your most nagging concerns--like how to make room for the newest you, aging parents, restocking and empty nest, conquering body wars, letting go, and so much more. With candor and valor, best-selling author Caron Loveless prepares you for some of the most glorious growing up God asks a girl to do.

    Good For You!: Smart Choices for Hormone HealthGood For You!: Smart Choices for Hormone Health
    Mary Ann Mayo
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    Healthy living is exciting and self-motivating! You can become a critical thinker when it comes to your health, your hormones and your happiness. By 2015 half of American women will be menopausal. To give you a better image of yourself, Mary Ann Mayo holds up a new mirror and asks questions like: Was HRT ever really necessary?; what have you been telling yourself about exercise?; what is your baseline?; how do your finances and insurance affect your view of health?; if you could make one small step toward a healthier life, what would it be? No one wants to age, but it happens anyway. Be prepared...naturally!

    The Everything Health Guide to PMSThe Everything Health Guide to PMS
    Dagmara Scalise
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    The Everything Health Guide to PMS gives dietary suggestions, explains the difference between PMS and more serious conditions like Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), and offers a PMDD self-test, as well as authoritative advice on:

  • What questions to ask your doctor
  • Treatments such as aromatherapy, acupuncture, and massage
  • Health issues stemming from PMS such as fibroids
  • Men and PMS
  • Perimenopause and menopause

    The Everything Health Guide to PMS is a useful resource to help you feel and look your best during that otherwise challenging "time of the month.


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