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Aloha Rose, Quilts of Love Series #12Aloha Rose, Quilts of Love Series #12
Lisa Carter
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When Laney Carrigan sets out to find her birth family, her only clue is the Hawaiian quilt-a red rose snowflake appliquid on a white background-in which she was found wrapped as an infant. Centering her search on the Big Island and battling fears of rejection, Laney begins a painstaking journey toward her true heritage. Kai Barnes, however, is determined to protect the people he's come to regard as family. He thinks Laney is nothing more than a gold digger and blocks every move she makes toward her Hawaiian family. As their conflict escalates, it puts at risk the one thing that Kai and Laney both want most-a family.

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Lisa Carter

Lisa Carter has taught at the university, high school, and middle school levels. She is a member of the ACFW, RWA, and several online writers’ forums. In 2001, she won the MOPS story-writing contest, which reignited a lifelong love of writing. She has been published in MomSense and Christian Parenting Today. She and her husband live in North Carolina and have two beautiful daughters.


Favorite Bible verse: I Thessalonians 5:24 (NASB) Faithful is He who calls you and He will also bring it to pass. Interview with Lisa Carter


What Scripture verse illustrates the theme of Aloha Rose? And why?

Mark 3:5 . . . [Jesus] said to the man, “ Stretch out your hand. ” So he did, and his hand was made healthy. (Common English Bible)

All of us have areas in our lives that need the healing touch of God—physical, spiritual, emotional, relational and mental. First, we must be willing to believe God is able to meet our “disability” with His divine ability. Then, we must be willing to “stretch” out our hand, our need, in faith to receive His restoration.

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a wife and mother. I have a Master's in Education and I've taught at the college, secondary and middle school levels. I love to quilt, sing in the choir, read, teach Precepts Bible Study and travel.

I'm always up for an adventure and writing has been a wonderful adventure. In fact, my daughter asked me the other day what I'd wanted to be when I was her age. Without having to stop and think, I immediately blurted out, "Indiana Jones."

She frowned. "But you're a girl, Mom."

I nodded. "Yeah," I told her. "I wanted to be the female Indiana Jones."

And through my writing, I guess I'm living my dream.

How did you choose the Big Island of Hawaii as your setting?

My husband and I traveled there many years ago and the allure of the Hawaiian Islands has never left me.

What was your motive to write Aloha Rose?

After twenty years, I reunited with a friend, who in our college days, had shared with me her struggles regarding her adoption. At our reunion, she caught me up on the rest of her story—how she'd located her birth father in Hawaii and how a wonderful, new chapter in her life had opened. Through a difficult personal journey, she and her family had come full circle.

My editor was formulating the Quilts of Love series. She asked for entries just three days later. As a quilter, I immediately made the connection between my friend’s story and the unique Hawaiian style of quilting and that very day, the seed of Aloha Rose was born.

What is your favorite genre to write?

I love the action and adventure of suspense and the romance of two people finding in each other more than they ever dreamed possible.

But like in Aloha Rose, I also love writing contemporary romance where against seemingly overwhelming odds, two hearts are brought together in the healing hope of God’s love.

Is there a person or situation in your life that inspired you to write Aloha Rose?

Like a lot of us, Laney and Kai in Aloha Rose are both on a journey, seeking family, a place to belong, a connection. A huaka'i, no matter our journey, that requires truth, heart and extraordinary courage. The kind of courage Laney and my college friend displayed in traveling halfway around the world to find a family. The kind of courage required of those who seek God. The courage intrinsic to all to seek a place to belong and someone to love.

How much research did Aloha Rose take?

Because I’m willing “suffer” for my art—laughing here—I felt compelled to authenticate my research by taking a trip to Maui. Where my family and I watched whales, learned to hula and surf, and made a lot of wonderful memories.

What are the some of the most interesting facts that you learned while researching and writing Aloha Rose?

I learned so much about the Hawaiian culture—the language behind the leis, the incredible journey of the whales back to their birthplace, and the prophecy—fulfilled in King Kamehameha—about the once and future king who would roll the stone away and unite the islands in a Hawaiian version of Arthur and the sword in the stone. That stone still exists in Hilo. The story reminded me of the greatest King, the King of kings and Lord of Lords whose resurrection power rolled the stone of death away and united all who love Him in eternal fellowship with God.

What other new writing projects do you have on the horizon?

Beneath a Navajo Moon, a romantic suspense novel with Abingdon, releases in March 2014. Under a Turquoise Sky follows in September 2014. And as always, new characters, dilemmas, and romance are percolating in my head.

What message would you like your readers to take from reading Aloha Rose?

Kai and Laney both at turning points—forgiveness of self and forgiveness of others. How each of them answer this will determine whether they can be free of the pain of the past and find God's best for them. Like Kai, there are a lot of people trapped inside wounds that have scabbed over but never healed. They yearn to be free of their own gaping pit and the hole that scars their life.

Aloha Rose is about trust versus fear. About finding true freedom and real wings to fly. Where guilt, fear, the past and the future are nailed to the cross. Aloha Rose proclaims a message of grace and the power of the cross with its sufficiency to save. The cross is where guilt meets His forgiveness. Where confusion meets His peace. Where loneliness meets His companionship. Where the lost find direction. The cross is a place for the hurt and wounded, like Kai. A place for restoration of relationships, as with Laney and her birth family. To choose to trust the cross is to never be afraid again. Easy to say. Hardest thing in the world to do.

What organizations are you involved with?

I am a member of ACFW, RWA and Sisters in Crime.

What are some of the challenges you face as an author?

My greatest challenge as an author is to juggle my responsibilities as a wife and mother with my writing schedule. I'm thankful for a helpful husband and understanding daughters who pitch in with dinner when deadlines loom.

What aspects of being a writer do you enjoy the most?

I love interacting with lovers of books—whether writers or readers.

What do you do to get away from it all?

I love to travel, which usually prompts new story ideas. After our research trip to Hawaii, my youngest daughter “suggested” I set my next novel in Paris. Think my publisher would go for it?

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

My ultimate desire is to glorify God, through my writing and through my life. And I hope Aloha Rose will make readers laugh. Make readers cry. And, warm their hearts with the greatest love of life, God's.


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Aloha Rose: Quilts of Love Series - eBook

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Lisa Carter
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