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Here are evangelistic tools that will help you and your church.  To help in one-on-one encounters, look at the resources under Personal Evangelism.  To involve the entire congregation in an evangelistic effort see the titles under Church-Based Evangelism.  For a greater understanding of those we are trying to reach see Understanding the Unchurched and Evangelism in a Postmodern Society.  For those who feel called to travel and evangelize see Evangelism through Short-term Missions.  There are also resources specifically designed for Youth Evangelism.

To aid you in preaching we offer Sermon Resources on Evangelism as well as the Theological Foundations of Evangelism.  And don't miss Classics on Evangelism for some of the finest thoughts ever penned on reaching the lost for Christ.

Alpha Resources by Nikki Gumbel

Missions, Evangelism and Apologetics for related resources.



 Personal Evangelism

Becoming a Contagious ChristianBecoming a Contagious Christian
Bill Hybels, Mark Mittelberg
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People matter to God. That foundational truth is why Bill Hybels planted a church where people can hear a clear, contemporary presentation of the gospel, relate to others who have decided to follow Jesus and respond to the life-changing good news of the gospel. In Becoming a Contagious Christian you will discover why we are called to be Contagious Christians, how authenticity, compassion and sacrifice help us relate to seekers and how to clearly share the gospel with those you love. This resource is designed for Sunday school, small group and individual study. Let Becoming a Contagious Christian revitalize your passion for evangelism and enable you to fulfill Christ's Great Commission!

More Personal Evangelism

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 Church-Based Evangelism

101 Ways to Reach Your Community101 Ways to Reach Your Community
Steve Sjogren
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Servant evangelism, a method of creating situations where one can gauge the spiritual readiness of unsaved individuals and then perhaps present the Gospel, has been popularly promoted by Steve Sjogren. In this book, over one hundred ideas for outreach into the community - ranging from the traditional (car washes) to the unusual (crime scene cleanup) - are presented with suggested places to go, lists of essentials, and many with "In Action" vignettes with anecdotes from actual executions of the projects. Intended to inspire social action to portray positive elements of Christianity to a world with some negative attitudes towards Christianity. Used in connection with a full Gospel presentation, 101 Ways to Reach Your Community can be a useful tool to doing just that.

More Church-Based Evangelism

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 Understanding the Unchurched

Inside the Mind of Unchurched Harry and MaryInside the Mind of Unchurched Harry and Mary
Lee Strobel
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Interview, Excerpt

Most of us know or work with at least one unchurched person. And most of us wonder how to reach out to them, how to get them to want to come to church. Lee Strobel was once unchurched. He even considered himself an atheist for a while. Then he came to Christ, and is now a pastor at the Willow Creek church outside of Chicago, Illinois, known for its strong outreach to the unchurched. He shares his experiences and insights with us in Inside the Mind of Unchurched Harry and Mary.

More Understanding the Unchurched

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 Evangelism in a Post-Modern Society

The School Of Biblical EvangelismThe School Of Biblical Evangelism
Ray Comfort, Kirk Cameron
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In this comprehensive study course, you will learn how to share your faith simply, effectively, and biblically - the way Jesus did. Discover the God-given evangelistic tools that will enable you to confidently talk about your Lord and Savior. With 101 lessons, this course will help you to prove the authenticity of the bible, provide ample evidence for creation, understand the beliefs of cults and other religions, and learn how to reach both friends and strangers with the Gospel. 768 pages

More Evangelism in a Post-Modern Society

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 Evangelism Through Short Term Missions

Short-Term Missions WorkbookShort-Term Missions Workbook
Tim A. Dearborn
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Offer your congregation life and faith-transforming experiences through global ministry. Eight orientation sessions prepare individuals and teams by instilling a biblical perspective of the world and increasing cross-cultural understanding. After your mission trip, two follow-up meetings help with "re-entry" adjustments. Dearborn's practical handbook features activities, reflection/discussion questions, suggestions for additional reading, and leader's guide. 126 pages, softcover from InterVarsity.

More Evangelism through Short-Term Missions

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 Youth Evangelism

Jesus With Dirty Feet Christianity for the Curious & SkepticalJesus With Dirty Feet Christianity for the Curious & Skeptical
Don Everts
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Most folks think of Jesus as the man who started Christianity. But it turns out he wasn't just a man, and he didn't just start Christianity. Most folks think of Jesus as an other-worldly religious leader, a great moral teacher, or maybe they don't think of him at all. But he had dirty feet, partied, cooked breakfast and got himself killed. If you've never looked closely at the Christian faith or if you've dismissed it as irrelevant, you owe yourself a glance at a Jesus unencumbered by stereotypes. You might be surprised by what you see.

More Youth Evangelism

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 Theological Foundations of Evangelism

Introduction to EvangelismIntroduction to Evangelism
Alvin Reid
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'The evangelistic mandate', says Alvin Reid (Radically Unchurched: Who They Are & How To Reach Them), 'is central to the mission of the church in any age'. In this important new book, Reid traces the essence of evangelism - its history and character - teaching Christians how to preach the Gospel effectively. Using methods built upon biblical, historical, and theological foundations, this exhaustive guide integrates doctrinal issues with practical matters of methodology, while developing the personal spirituality of those who seek to carry out the Great Commission. By recognizing the timeless aspects of the evangelistic task and adapting them to today's needs and the needs of the future, Reid gives Christians the tools they need to spread the Word with assurance at the dawn of the new millennium.

More Theological Foundations of Evangelism

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