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The Naked Truth: About Sex, Love and RelationshipsThe Naked Truth: About Sex, Love and Relationships
Lakita Garth
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Everybody's doing it-aren't they? Why shouldn't I have sex now?
In a world where it seems like "everybody's doing it," why should you say no to sex? Internationally known abstinence advocate and sought-after speaker Lakita Garth wants you to know that when you practice abstinence, you are making a decision that will change the course of your life. Here, she frankly and humorously shares her principles for staying pure until marriage, while equipping you with the life skills necessary to be responsible and successful. In The Naked Truth, you'll understand the principles of self-control, self-discipline, delayed gratification and how to achieve your dreams. You'll be ready to establish healthy dating relationships and clearly defined boundaries for physical intimacy, while gaining self-respect and dignity. Why wait? Because you're worth it!

Queen of the Stink Fish BaitQueen of the Stink Fish Bait
Ali Whitaker
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Have you ever felt like Queen of the Stink Fish Bait, instead of Cinderella? Do the odds of finding a real, lasting romance seem as likely as your coach turning into a pumpkin at midnight? That's the way this author felt. God thinks each of his girls is a princess, and He has a plan for each of us. As you read, you'll be transformed. Remember, you were born to be the child of the King. 104 pages, paperback.

Dating With Pure PassionDating With Pure Passion
Rob Eagar
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Devastated by a broken relationship and longing for a true and lasting love, Rob Eager began an intense search that led him to the source of true fulfillment. With his compelling personal testimony and thoroughly scriptural teaching, he encourages readers to stop chasing romance and sex and to pursue their heart's deepest desire--the truly passionate love of Jesus Christ. For Christian singles, spiritual union with Christ must be the foundation of all of their relationships--including dating relationships. Rather than looking to people to meet the needs only God can fulfill, readers will learn how to let Christ's sacrificial love ignite within them a passionate desire to share His love with a special person.

Eight Promises For Teenagers Who Want To Fall In LoveEight Promises For Teenagers Who Want To Fall In Love
Dan Davidson, Dave Davidson
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Based on the acronym P.R.O.M.I.S.E.S., this super-cool teen devotional/study is sure to impact thousands of young lives by making hard spiritual truths accessible for teens. Focusing on all facets of a strong Christian walk, this easy-to-carry devotional/study throws a rich mixture of "meat and milk" together for youth, including prayers, commentary, and quotes from giants of the faith. The authors have extensive experience working with youth in a variety of ministry settings. This is the devotional/study alone. Please see #514767 for Pack. Pack (#514767) includes this devotional/study book, a notepad, pen, pocket card, and a bracelt/keychain.

The Truth About GuysThe Truth About Guys
Chad Eastham
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Are teenage guys and girls really that different? Chad Eastham says yes! Drawing from Scripture and his own colorful experiences, he offers straight-talking answers to girl's questions, including "Why do guys try to act tough?" "Why do they think and talk about sex so much?" "Why do they care what girls look like?" and more.

For Young Women OnlyFor Young Women Only
Shaunti Feldhahn, Lisa A. Rice
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"Guys will be guys." Girls, you're about to find out what that means once and for all. Author Shaunti Feldhahn has written two blockbuster bestsellers, For Women Only and For Men Only, and now she applies her interviewing and research techniques to help you navigate your relationships with guys. Feldhahn asks the tough questions, the stuff you wonder about but never know who to ask. With honesty she reveals guys' inner thoughts about respect, insecurity, appearance, physical affection and more. You’ll learn how guys are wired and how that impacts your interactions with them. Eliminate the guesswork and start relating to guys with ease!

Dating Mr. DarcyDating Mr. Darcy
Sarah Arthur
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Do you love Pride and Prejudice? Any girl who had seen the movie or read Jane Austin's classic knows that the much-misunderstood Mr. Darcy is the ideal gentleman. Are you still holding out hope that there's a Mr. Darcy in your future?

With spiritual insights along with smart tips, best-selling author Sarah Arthur helps you figure out a guy's Darcy Potential (DP) and refine your Creep Detection System (CDS). Smart girls still believer in love!


What's Up with Boys? Everything You Need to Know About GuysWhat's Up with Boys? Everything You Need to Know About Guys
Crystal Kirgiss
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Forget everything you think you know about guys. Just for a minute, try to see past the gross humor, the "cool act," the goofiness, and take another look. Believe it or not, underneath all the guy-stuff is a person who struggles with his emotions, who feels caught between the silliness of boyhood and the seriousness of manhood, and who cares about his friends as much as you do. And guys are usually as confused about girls as you're confused about boys.

If you're trying to get guys to like you, if you want to know how to keep your boyfriend happy, if you want to know what guys look for in a date, you're going to have to buy a different book. But if you're willing to think about guys—from your buddies to your brother—in a whole new way, then grab this book right now and start reading. The guys in your life will love you for it.   Read an excerpt.

Dateable: Are You? Are They?Dateable: Are You? Are They?
Justin Lookadoo, Hayley Morgan
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Need advice on dating? How 'bout this:
"Guys use the emotional to get the physical. Girls use the physical to get the emotional."
Or this:
"A guy will have a tendency to treat you like you're dressed. If you are dressed like a flesh buffet, don't be surprised when he treats you like a piece of meat."

Dateable is packed with practical advice, and will help you understand what a dating relationship is all about.



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