Great BooksGreat Books
David Denby
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David Denby returned to Columbia University and re-enrolled in two core courses in Western civilization to confront the literary and philosophical masterpieces-the "great books"- that are now at the heart of the culture wars. In Great Books, he leads us on a glorious tour, a rediscovery and celebration of such authors as Homer and Boccaccio, Locke and Nietzsche, Conrad and Woole. The resulting personal odyssey is an engaging blend of self-dicscovery, for anyone in love with the written word.

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Reading Lists


1. Homer I
2. Sappho
Interlude One
3. Plato I
4. Homer II
Interlude Two
5. Plato II
6. Sophocles
7. Aristotle
Interlude Three
8. Aeschylus and Euripides
Interlude Four
9. Virgil
10. The Old Testament
11. The New Testament
12. Augustine
13. Machiavelli
Interlude Five
14. Hobbes and Locke
15. Examination
Winter Interlude


16. Dante
17. Boccaccio
18. Hume and Kant
Interlude Six
19. Montaigne
20. Rousseau
21. Shakespeare
22. Hegel
23. Austen
24. Marx & Mill
25. Nietzsche
Interlude Seven
26. Beauvoir
27. Conrad
28. Woolf

Appendix: Earlier Reading Lists
Selected Bibliography