The GameThe Game
Robert Benson
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In The Game, Robert Benson ties the nine innings of one ordinary minor-league game between the Iowa Cubs and the Nashville Sounds to the ordinary and not-so-ordinary innings of his own life. He shows how, through a series of seeminly routine plays in an average weeknight game such as this one--just as in our everday lives--we eventually win the game.
In beautifully measured prosed he also describes moments of greatness--the Giants' dramatic ninth-inning penant win over the Dodgers in 1951; Sammy Sosa's breaking Roger Maris's home-run record in 1999--and the subtle way in which these moments mark themselves in the life of an average American baseball fan.
Whether he is hitting fungoes with his children at a neighborhood park, reminiscing about Carlton Fisk's famous home-run trot in October 1975, or praising the enduring beauty of Chicago's Wrigley Field, Benson reveals that "the game" and the game of life are in many ways one and the same.

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Preface: A Ceremonial First Pitch

Want to Go to the Game?
May I Have This Dance?
How Did Abraham Do Yesterday?
It Could Be, It Might Be...It Is..
Mighty Casey Are Us
Do Not Turn Your Head
Make the Routine Play
Stand Up and Sing
Slide, Slide, Slide
The Best Game Ever

Afterword and Notes and Such