An Introduction to Third World TheologiesAn Introduction to Third World Theologies

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Providing the first overview of the main trends and contributions to Christian thought of Third World theologies, this book gathers essays from experts on Latin America, India, East Asia, West and East Africa, Southern Africa and the Caribbean. It analyzes the common context of the Third World theologies in their experience of colonialism and Western missions, and suggests that they provide different perspectives on what it means to be a Christian in today's world.

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List of Contributors

1. Introduction

John Parratt

2. Latin America

Jose Miguez Bonino

3. India

Kirsteen Kim

4. East Asia

Edmond Tang

5. Africa, East and West

Diane Stinton

6. Southern Africa

Isabel Apawo Phiri

7. The Caribbean

George Mulrain

Postscript: The Challenge of Third World Theologies

John Parratt