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The Latin-Centered CurriculumThe Latin-Centered Curriculum
Andrew Campbell
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Divided into thirds, The Latin-Centered Curriculum addresses the "why" of classical education; how to use the classical education curriculum; and suggestions on creating a compendium of weekly schedules complete with teaching hints. Beginning with the Greek understanding of education as a holistic, literary, conservative, undertaking, and moving through the Reformation, Enlightenment, its decline under Dewey, and its modern resurgence from Dorothy Sayer's 1947 Oxford lecture, this book is worth reading for the history of classical education alone. With a detailed scope & sequence and a healthy emphasis on working at the child's--not the curriculum's--pace, reasons for using the Trivium, advice on teaching phonics, classical languages, arithmetic, copywork, literature, AP options, specific curriculum recommendations, reading lists, and other extraordinarily helpful advice, this is the perfect book for those looking to dive deeper into the well of classical education. 236 pages, softcover, 2nd edition.

This second edition includes

  • An expanded Great Books program for high school
  • New introductory chapters
  • Restructured subjects for easier state reporting
  • Updated recommendations for Latin, Greek, History, Science, and Religion
  • Detailed weekly schedules, tips for large families, A self-education program for adults, and more!

    Songschool LatinSongschool Latin
    Amy Rehn
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    A new way to introduce Latin to your little ones! Whether you plan to go on to study Latin in-depth, or want them to gain a basic understanding of one of English's root languages, Song School Latin will suit your needs. Children will learn the Latin alphabet (writing & pronunciation), discover related English words, fill-in-the-blank stories, questions, written exercises and songs to help them remember it all! The included music CD contains both classical and ecclesiastical pronunciations for all songs. A glossary and some reproducible activities are given in the back of the book. 31 weekly lessons including 7 review chapters. 135 pages, softcover.

    First Form Latin Student TextFirst Form Latin Student Text
    Cheryl Lowe
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    Lose your fear of learning or teaching Latin! This uncluttered, small (8" x 8") textbook features a limited vocabulary of only 185 words-but teaches those words through the unique "Grammar-First" approach. Through thirty 2-page lessons, students will learn vocabulary derivatives, detailed explanations of Latin sayings, syntax, and translation slowly, with an emphasis on mastery. Conjugations are clearly shown in two-tone colors, visually emphasizing the important or changing parts students need to memorize. Designed for teachers with no background in Latin, First Form Latin is recommended for grades 6-12, or for younger students who have completed Latina Christiana I; First Form Latin may be taught to students of all ages since beginners, regardless of age, are in the grammar stage of learning. 112 pages, softcover.

    Latin Primer 1, Student Text, 3rd EditionLatin Primer 1, Student Text, 3rd Edition
    Martha Wilson
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    Over half of the English language is derived from Latin.

    • amateur--amo, I love
    • Montana--mons, mountian
    • Patriot--patria, native land.

    These and thousands of other words we use every day keep this "dead" language-a language of kings and poets, of scrolls and secrets-alive. And this means that when we study Latin, we're not just learning about Rome-we're learning about ourselves.

    Designed for students in grades 3 & up, this workbook will equip students with a solid foundation in classical Latin. Divided into 4 seven-week units, students will learn conjugations, present/future/imperfect/irregular/future perfect, and passive verb endings, as well as demonstrative pronouns and other helpful Latin grammatical and vocabulary terms. Worksheets provide room for chart completions, translations, derivative identification, and additional review exercises. Newly revised and expanded, this book covers the very basics of farming, sailing, constellations, family and body vocabulary, as well as verb and noun endings. 192 pages, softcover.

    Latina Christiana 1: Introduction to Christian Latin, Student BookLatina Christiana 1: Introduction to Christian Latin, Student Book
    Cheryl Lowe
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    A beginner course for all ages, but designed for students as young as 3rd grade. Vocabulary, systematic grammar, exercises, and Latin sayings are featured in each lesson. Also included are prayers, songs, history lessons, and games which add interest and motivation. This one year course is designed for parents and teachers with no Latin background.

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