Country House Courtship Discussion Questions: Linore Rose Burkard


1. What aspect of the courtship (romance) between Mr. O’Brien and Miss Beatrice Forsythe did you most enjoy?


2. Do you think Beatrice will make a good wife for a Vicar? Why or why not?


3. How did Mr. Barton actually help Beatrice (without meaning to) to realize “what matters most” in life?


4. If Beatrice had stuck to her earliest goals of marrying a wealthy man, of social climbing and pleasure-seeking, how do you think she would have felt in five years’ time?


5. If you were to visit Regency England, would you prefer to see London during the Season, or to stay at a country estate like Aspindon?


6. In your opinion, should Mr. Mornay have been stronger during his wife’s illness? Or did he react in much the same way you would, given the circumstances? What are God’s means of reaching us during times like these so that we can always have hope?


7. When Mr. O’Brien suspects the truth regarding Anne Barton’s condition, he is filled with compassion and wants to help her if he can. Would you have shared his reaction? Would you have wanted to censure her? Why or why not?


8. If you had been in Beatrice’s shoes, would you have held out for a man like Barton (wealthy and urbane) only with a more honourable character? Or allowed the earnest and kind Mr. O’Brien to “turn your head” as she did?


9. In your opinion, do people today still have to choose between false promises of wealth vs. what matters most? (ie. love and family)


10. How have you avoided the pitfalls of the world’s temptations in your own life at times? Have you ever successfully chosen what is best over what appears “good.”? Share with others how this happened.



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