Ethics in BusinessEthics in Business
James M. Childs Jr.

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Childs shows how businesspeople can bring their religious convictions to bear on business life and economics without being overbearing, provincial, or dogmatic. Tackling such topics as competition, regulation, environment, risk, truth-telling, whistle-blowing, leadership, discrimimination affirmative action, and conflict resolution,Childs is neither preachy nor simplistic. This is the book that will at last help businesspeople to push "beyond conventional morality" and infuse character into corporate culture.

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1. Bridging the Shareability Gap
Business Ethics: A Growing Concern
The Limits of Reason
The Faith Connection
The Shareability Gap
Bridging the Shareability Gap
2. From Being a Nobody to Being a Somebody
The Threat of Being a Nobody
To Be Somebody: The Universal Priesthood
Vocation and Occupation: From Self to Service
From Self to Service: Ambition Transvalued
Ethics as Witness
3. The Not-So-Secular World
Our Modern Heritage of Ethical Uncertainty
Ethics in a Pluralistic World
Pluralism and the Christian Witness
Rationalism, Reason, and Religion: Transitional Comments
4. From Dualism to Dialogue
Can We Talk? A Model for Dialogue
Economic Life and the Reign of God
Dialogue: Communication and Strategy
5. Beyond the Moral Minimum
Formed by Love: The Extra Mile
Informed by Love: Beyond the Moral Minimum
Love, Beneficence, and Business
The Case of Pacific Bell: AIDS and the Extra Mile
A Coventional Model for Business Ethics
6. Beyond Leadership to Servant Leadership
The Importance of Character
Business Leadership and Christian Servanthood
Instrumental Value and Leadership Skills
Character and Corporate Culture
Conscience or Calculation
7. Beyond Affirmative Action
The Harsh Reality of Persistent Racism
Affirmative Action Briefly Told
Affirmative Action: Contribution and Limitation
Beyond Affirmative Action: Industry and Diversity
The Quest for a Workable Androgyny
8. Beyond Mere Survival
An Unholy Alliance
Beyond Development to Sustainable Development
From Strategy to Ethics
An Ethic of Value: Discerning the Good in Hope
An Ethics of Norms
9. Beyond Creativity
Dialogical Ethics
Blowing the Whistle: Truth Telling and Conflict
Expanding the Dialogue
10. Beyond the Company Walls
New Coalitions for New Insights
The Church in Global Dialogue
The Limits of Dialogue: Conscience and Confrontation
The Real and the Really Real