God Is Not . . .God Is Not . . .
Edited by Brent Laytham

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This book takes on today's prevailing misconceptions about who God is by boldly stating who God is not. Rodney Clapp critiques pop culture's anthem to a slobby, ineffective "God like us," while D. Stephen Long, in "God Is Not Nice," questions our therapy-fed longing for a useful, non-threatening deity. If God is not an American or a capitalist or "religious," as contributors Michael Baxter, Mick Budde, and William T. Cavanaugh go on to argue, then who is God? Laytham concludes with a stirring essay on who God is, calling the church to visibly demonstrate where its primary allegiance lies. Audacious without being rude, this book is a lively, necessary, and intelligently reverent read.

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    1. God is Not "a Stranger on the Bus": Discerning the Divine in Popular Culture - by Rodney Clapp

    2. God is Not Nice - by D. Stephen Long

    3. God is Not American: Or, Why Christians Should Not Pledge Allegiance to "One Nation Under God" - by Michael J. Baxter

    4. God is Not a Capitalist - by Michael L. Budde

    5. God is Not Religious - by William T. Cavanaugh

    6. God is One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic - by D. Brent Laytham


    Excerpted from God Is Not . . ., Copyright 2004, by D. Brent Laytham All rights reserved. Published by Brazos Press, a division of Baker Book House Company.