Jesus Remembered: Christianity in the Making SeriesJesus Remembered: Christianity in the Making Series
James D.G. Dunn
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The first installment of a projected 3-volume history by a scholar extraordinaire. Commanding an amazing knowledge of written sources, archaeological findings, and sociological research, Dunn critiques the quest for the historical Jesus, then presents the main themes of Jesus' ministry. 992 pages, hardcover. Eerdmans.

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1. Christianity in the Making


2. Introduction

3. The (Re-)Awakening of Historical Awareness

3.1 The Renaissance
3.2 The Reformation
3.3 Perceptions of Jesus

4. The Flight from Dogma

4.1 The Enlightenment and Modernity
4.2 Exit Revelation and Miracle
4.3 The Liberal Jesus
4.4 The Sources for Critical Reconstruction of the Life of Jesus
4.5 The Collapse of the Liberal Quest
4.6 Jesus in Sociological Perspective
4.7 Re-Enter the Neo-Liberal Jesus
4.8 Conclusion

5. The Flight from History

5.1 The Historical-Critical Method
5.2 The Search for an Invulnerable Area for Faith
5.3 Rudolf Bultmann (1884-1976)
5.4 The Second Quest
5.5 A Third Quest?
5.6 Post-Modernism

6. History, Hermeneutics and Faith

6.1 An Ongoing Dialogue
6.2 The Necessity of Historical Inquiry
6.3 What Can History Deliver?
6.4 Hermeneutical Principles
6.5 When Did a Faith Perspective First Influence the Jesus Tradition?
6.6 Two Corollaries

7. The Sources

7.1 External Sources
7.2 The Earliest References to Jesus
7.3 Mark
7.4 Q
7.5 Matthew and Luke
7.6 The Gospel of Thomas
7.7 The Gospel of John
7.8 Other Gospels
7.9 Knowledge of Jesus' Teaching and Agrapha

8. The Tradition

8.1 Jesus the Founder of Christianity
8.2 The Influence of Prophecy
8.3 Oral Tradition
8.4 The Synoptic Tradition as Oral Tradition--Narratives
8.5 The Synoptic Tradition as Oral Tradition--Teachings
8.6 Oral Transmission
8.7 In Summary

9. The Historical Context

9.1 Misleading Presuppositions about 'Judaism'
9.2 Defining 'Judaism'
9.3 The Diversity of Judaism--Judaism from Without
9.4 Jewish Factionalism--Judaism from Within
9.5 The Unity of First-Century Judaism
9.6 Galilean Judaism
9.7 Synagogues and Pharisees in Galilee?
9.8 The Political Context
9.9 An Outline of the Life and Mission of Jesus

10. Through the Gospels to Jesus

10.1 Can a Further Quest Hope to Succeed?
10.2 How to Proceed?
10.3 Thesis and Method


11. Beginning from the Baptism of John

11.1 Why Not 'Beginning from Bethlehem'?
11.2 John the Baptizer
11.3 John's Baptism
11.4 John's Message
11.5 Jesus' Anointing at Jordan
11.6 The Death of John
11.7 Jesus Tempted

12. The Kingdom of God

12.1 The Centrality of the Kingdom of God
12.2 How Should 'the Kingdom of God' Be Understood?
12.3 Three Key Questions
12.4 The Kingdom to Come
12.5 The Kingdom Has Come
12.6 Solving the Riddle

13. For Whom Did Jesus Intend His Message?

13.1 Hearing Jesus
13.2 The Call
13.3 To Israel
13.4 To the Poor
13.5 To Sinners
13.6 Women
13.7 Gentiles
13.8 Circles of Discipleship

14. The Character of Discipleship

14.1 Subjects of the King

14.2 Children of the Father
14.3 Disciples of Jesus
14.4 Hungering for What Is Right
14.5 Love as Motivation
14.6 Forgiving as Forgiven
14.7 A New Family?
14.8 Open Fellowship
14.9 Living in the Light of the Coming Kingdom


15. Who Did They Think Jesus Was?

15.1 Who Was Jesus?
15.2 Royal Messiah
15.3 An Issue during Jesus' Mission
15.4 A Role Declined
15.5 Priestly Messiah
15.6 The Prophet
15.7 'A Doer of Extraordinary Deeds'
15.8 Teacher

16. How Did Jesus See His Own Role?

16.1 Eschatological Agent
16.2 God's Son
16.3 Son of Man: The Issues
16.4 Son of Man: The Evidence
16.5 Son of Man: A Hypothesis
16.6 Conclusion


17. Crucifixus sub Pontio Pilato

17.1 The Tradition of Jesus' Last Week
17.2 Why Was Jesus Executed?
17.3 Why Did Jesus Go Up to Jerusalem?
17.4 Did Jesus Anticipate His Death?
17.5 Did Jesus Give Meaning to His Anticipated Death?
17.6 Did Jesus Hope for Vindication after Death?

18. Et Resurrexit

18.1 Why Not Stop Here?
18.2 The Empty Tomb Tradition
18.3 Appearance Traditions
18.4 The Tradition within the Traditions
18.5 Why 'Resurrection'?
18.6 The Final Metaphor

19. Jesus Remembered

19.1 A New Perspective on the Jesus Tradition
19.2 What Can We Say about Jesus' Aim(s)?
19.3 The Lasting Impact of Jesus' Mission



Index of Authors

Index of Subjects

Index of Scriptures and Other Ancient Writings