Bethlehem Besieged: Stories of Desperation and Hope from the Holy LandBethlehem Besieged: Stories of Desperation and Hope from the Holy Land
Mitri Raheb

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The pastor of Christmas Church, a Palestinian Lutheran congregation, Mitri Raheb here presents a powerful collection of compelling personal stories of desperation and hope in the midst of lethal conflict, bringing the Palestinian/Israeli conflict up close and personal. Raheb's lifelong commitment to his people has kept him in the legendary birthplace of Christianity, even as Bethlehem has become a flashpoint in the world's most volatile and hate-filled conflict. His passionate personal testimony lifts up the stray gesture toward friendship, the brave attempts to rebuild life and livelihood in a destroyed land, and the unquenchable desire for justice and peace.

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Under Siege

1. A Monk at the Command

2. Challenging yet Transforming the Enemy

3. Father Amjad and Muhammad under Siege

4. Though War Rise Up against Me

5. Obeying Commands or Commandments

Life under Occupation

6. The Land That Swallows Its Children

7. A Matter of Life and Death

8. Adventures in Driving

9. What Would You Do If You Were in My Shoes?

10. Carry On

Glimpses of Hope

11. The Light of Right, Not the Power of Might

12. Christ in Palestine

13. Bright Stars

14. Perplexed but Not in Despair

15. A Christmas Gift to Bethlehem

16. Samar

17. Christmas and the Wall

18. Building Walls or Planting Olive Trees?