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Sylvan Pre-K

Pre-K Letters, Numbers & Shapes Super Workbook

Three books in one, build your child's basic kindergarten math skills with this Super Workbook from Sylvan Learning! Full-color worksheet pages are filled with activities that will help your children master counting to 10, recognizing shapes, basic measurement, colors, letters, and more.




First Grade

Basic Math Success Workbook: First Grade

Teaching children to problem-solve in a number of different ways, rather than just trying to get them the right answer, Basic Math Success gives children a solid skill set that will be crucial for their success in math.

Second Grade

Second Grade Word Puzzles (Sylvan Activity Books)

Provide a fun way for children to improve their vocabulary! Puzzles include crossword puzzles, complete sentences and stories with words, and create art by coloring in certain words. Each page has a theme for the activity. Grade 2.

First Grade

Second Grade


Third Grade

Fourth Grade


Fifth Grade

Reading Resources


Spelling & Vocab

Spelling Flashcards - Kindergarten

Help your student develop their spelling skills with Sylvan's Spelling Flashcards. 230 selected words (and 10 blank cards for customized words) will help prepare kids for school and phonics success.

Math Resources

Math Games & Puzzles Workbook: Kindergarten

Bright, full-color pages engage children with fun games that have them counting objects in a picture, completing Venn diagrams with cut-out pieces, completing patterns, and other fun activities.

Spelling & Vocab

Math Resources

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