The God You Have: Politics, Religion, and the First CommandmentThe God You Have: Politics, Religion, and the First Commandment
Patrick D. Miller
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The political hijacking of theological language and God's prerogatives is always a danger. In this perceptive study, an Old Testament theologian sets these issues in the context of the Ten Commandments, and especially the First Commandment. From that statement of God's person, work, and expectations of loyalty, Miller articulates the modern challenge of faithful living in a complex world with complex choices. As he states it, the abiding problem has been "the coalescence of God and country, the takeover of the language of faith in the speech of politics, and the confusion of loyalty with obedience."

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1. The First Commandment as Political Axiom

2. What Do You Do with the God You Have?

3. The Prologue as Political Announcement

4. Translating Politically

5. The Economic God

6. The Political Order as Other God

7. The Positive Meanings of the First Commandment

8. The First Commandment and the First Table