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An Introduction to Pastoral CareAn Introduction to Pastoral Care
Charles Gerkin
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With 50 years of experience in the field of Christian counseling, Gerkin is eminently qualified to pen this introductory text on the art and science of pastoral care. With his emphasis on striking a balance between faith, culture, community, and individual well-being, Gerkin moves beyond conventional psychotherapeutic models. A memorable work and significant resource.

Trekking Toward Wholeness: A Resource for Care Group LeadersTrekking Toward Wholeness: A Resource for Care Group Leaders
Stephen P. Greggo
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* Shepherd the members of your men's group toward healing and wholeness! Helping care group leaders create a biblically grounded environment for corrective healing relationships, Greggo shows how the core interpersonal process is key in reshaping character, redeeming relationships, and realizing sanctification. An essential resource for pastors, counselors, and leaders of small groups! 210 pages, softcover from InterVarsity.

The Heart of Pastoral CounselingThe Heart of Pastoral Counseling
Richard Dayringer
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The Heart of Pastoral Counseling: Healing Through Relationship, Revised Edition lays the foundation for utilizing the pastoral counseling relationship to bring about positive change as it explores topics such as observation, listening, communication, handling transference, and termination of therapy. Dr. Richard Dayringer explores these topics through research from the disciplines of psychiatry, psychology, marriage counseling, family therapy, and pastoral counseling to help pastoral counselors understand how to use the relationship to bring about the desired ends in the therapeutic process.

Pastoral Counseling & Personality DisordersPastoral Counseling & Personality Disorders
Richard Vaughan
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Find help in counseling those struggling with their faith within the context of a personality disorder. Seven specific disordered are discussed. The author is a clinical psychologist and Jesuit priest.

Pastoral Care and Counseling: Redefining the ParadigmsPastoral Care and Counseling: Redefining the Paradigms
Nancy J. Ramsay, ed.
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Pastoral Care and Counseling has changed radically since the publication of the Dictionary of Pastoral Care and Counseling. Rapid changes have occurred in theological, social, and medical contexts broadening the understanding of care. The shift from the "living human document" to the "living human web" both enriches and challenges the study and practice of pastoral theology. Just as The Dictionary of Pastoral Care and Counseling defined the field of Pastoral Care, this volume brings the field current.

The Angry Christian: A Theology for Care and CounselingThe Angry Christian: A Theology for Care and Counseling
Andrew D. Lester
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In this, his latest work, respected scholar Andrew Lester discusses and incorporates the newest behavioral research models, contemporary biblical and theological scholarship, constructivist philosophy, and narrative theory into a comprehensive pastoral theology of anger.

Divided into five parts, The Angry Christian explores the problem with anger, then turns to understanding anger, developing a pastoral theology of anger, discussing the ethics of anger, and finally suggesting strategies for counseling angry people.

In revisiting through the lens of theological anthropology the very subject that brought him to the forefront of scholarship in pastoral care, Lester presents engaging new material and innovative new methods of interventions for dealing with this often-confusing human emotion. Chapters include: "Anger: One of the Seven Deadly Sins?" "The Recovery of Emotion," "The Anger of God and Jesus," "A Pastoral Theology of Anger," "Handling Anger Creatively," and "Pastoral Care Interventions and Strategies."

Strategic Pastoral Counseling, 2d ed.: A Short-Term Structured ModelStrategic Pastoral Counseling, 2d ed.: A Short-Term Structured Model
David G. Benner
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Therapeutic counseling in a Christian context can be highly effective when it maintains narrowly focused goals in a time-limited setting. The details of this proven model of pastoral counseling are described in this practical guide.

This second edition of Strategic Pastoral Counseling has been thoroughly revised and includes two new chapters. Benner includes helpful case studies, a new appendix on contemporary ethical issues, and updated chapter bibliographies. His study will continue to serve clergy and students well as a valued practical handbook on pastoral care and counseling.

Brief Pastoral Counseling: Short-Term Approaches and  StrategiesBrief Pastoral Counseling: Short-Term Approaches and Strategies
Howard W. Stone

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Most pastoral counselors assume that truly effective counseling requires months or even years. Research suggests otherwise. Studies have provided two startling findings. First, most persons come in for four or fewer counseling sessions, whatever the counseling method employed. Second, the majority of any counseling's effectiveness occurs in the opening few sessions.

Part One uses brief pastoral counseling as a framework for detailing specific issues and approaches: getting the problem clear, assigning homework between sessions, and focusing on strengths.

Part Two connects many of the typical problems encountered in parish ministry to specific counseling interventions which work in only a few sessions. Using many examples formulated out of Stone's years of counseling experience, it allows the reader to visualize each approach and make use of it as a counseling strategy.

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