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Pronunciation Key

First Day: Give Us Fifteen Minutes a Day

Second Day: Take This Twelve Minute Test of Your Verbal Power

Third Day: The Romance of Words

Fourth Day: Words for Mature Minds

Fifth Day: Words About Doctors and Specialists

Sixth Day: Verbs Give You Power

Seventh Day: Words About Theories

Eighth Day: Quick Vocabulary Builder

Ninth Day: A Quick Test of Your Progress to Day

Tenth Day: Words About Your Fellowmen

Eleventh Day: Words for Phobias and Manias

Twelfth Day: Words About Your Feelings

Thirteenth Day: Words That End in "Ology"

Fourteenth Day: Words for Human Traits

Fifteenth Day: Words for Human Faults

Sixteenth Day: You Help to Create the American Language

Seventeenth Day: A "Pop Quiz"

Eighteenth Day: Words About Personalities

Nineteenth Day: Adjectives Give You Power

Twentieth Day: Learning Words the Modern Way

Twenty-First Day: Words from Latin

Twenty-Second Day: Test Your Progress

Twenty-Third Day: Can You Meet This Challenge?

Twenty-Fourth Day: Words That Describe You

Twenty-Fifth Day: French Phrases You Can Use

Twenty-Sixth Day: Words About Words

Twenty-Seventh Day: Word Building by the "Unfolding Process"

Twenty-Eighth Day: Words from Classic Roots

Twenty-Ninth Day: Words Change Their Meanings

Thirtieth Day: Your 30-Day Vocabulary Test

One Last Word: A Lifetime Habit