30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary, Revised30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary, Revised
Wilfred Funk, Norman Lewis
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In just 30 days you will learn how to make words your slaves, how to add words to your vocabulary while you are at the movies, listening to the radio or reading, how to find the words to sell your ideas, how to use words to impress others without being a show-off, and how to find the right words to say exactly what you mean and much more. Plus - Complete index to New Words and Pronunciation Key.

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Pronunciation Key

First Day: Give Us Fifteen Minutes a Day

Second Day: Take This Twelve Minute Test of Your Verbal Power

Third Day: The Romance of Words

Fourth Day: Words for Mature Minds

Fifth Day: Words About Doctors and Specialists

Sixth Day: Verbs Give You Power

Seventh Day: Words About Theories

Eighth Day: Quick Vocabulary Builder

Ninth Day: A Quick Test of Your Progress to Day

Tenth Day: Words About Your Fellowmen

Eleventh Day: Words for Phobias and Manias

Twelfth Day: Words About Your Feelings

Thirteenth Day: Words That End in "Ology"

Fourteenth Day: Words for Human Traits

Fifteenth Day: Words for Human Faults

Sixteenth Day: You Help to Create the American Language

Seventeenth Day: A "Pop Quiz"

Eighteenth Day: Words About Personalities

Nineteenth Day: Adjectives Give You Power

Twentieth Day: Learning Words the Modern Way

Twenty-First Day: Words from Latin

Twenty-Second Day: Test Your Progress

Twenty-Third Day: Can You Meet This Challenge?

Twenty-Fourth Day: Words That Describe You

Twenty-Fifth Day: French Phrases You Can Use

Twenty-Sixth Day: Words About Words

Twenty-Seventh Day: Word Building by the "Unfolding Process"

Twenty-Eighth Day: Words from Classic Roots

Twenty-Ninth Day: Words Change Their Meanings

Thirtieth Day: Your 30-Day Vocabulary Test

One Last Word: A Lifetime Habit