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When Character Was King: A Story Of Ronald ReaganWhen Character Was King: A Story Of Ronald Reagan
Peggy Noonan
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From his first days in office, President Ronald Reagan enjoyed public affection and went on to win the hearts of many Americans. Peggy Noonan, special assistant to President Reagan, shows that the secret of Reagan's success is his character: courage, persistence, honesty, and incredible patience in the face of setbacks. Noonan shares her own reflections on Reagan as well as those of the Bush presidents, Reagan's Secret Service men, White House colleagues, and the First Family, revealing the true nature of a man who is viewed, even by his opponents, as a maker of history. Marked by incisive wit and elegant prose, When Character Was King may be the last word on Ronald Reagan, not only as a leader but as a man.

Reagan, In His Own Hand     - Audiobook on CDReagan, In His Own Hand - Audiobook on CD
Kiron K. Skinner, Annelise Anderson, Martin Anderson
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From 1975 to 1979 Ronald Reagan gave more than 1000 daily radio broadcasts, the great majority of which he wrote himself. This program represents the opening of a major archive of pre-presidential material from the Reagan Library and the Hoover Institution Archives. These addresses transform our image of Ronald Reagan, and enhance and revise our understanding of the late 1970s--a time when Reagan held no political office, but was nonetheless mapping out a strategy to transform the economy, end the cold war, and create a vision of America that would propel him to the presidency. Abridged. 6 hours, 5 CDs.

The Reagan DiariesThe Reagan Diaries
Ronald Regan, Douglas Brinkley
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While serving his two terms as the fortieth president of the United States, Ronald Reagan kept a handwritten daily diary of his innermost thoughts and observations on the historic and the routine day-to-day occurrences of his presidency. This remarkable record is the only daily presidential diary in American history.

Edited by Douglas Brinkley, The Reagan Diaries provides fascinating insight into one of this nation's most important presidencies and sheds new light on the character of a true American leader. No matter where he was in the world, each night Reagan wrote about the events of his day, which often included his relationships with other world leaders, including Mikhail Gorbachev, Pope John Paul II, Mohammar al-Qaddafi, and Margaret Thatcher, among others, and the unforgettable moments that defined his era - his first inauguration, the end of the Cold War, the Iran hostage crisis, John Hinckley Jr.'s assassination attempt, and many more.

Revealing more than just Reagan's political experiences, many entries are concerned with the president's private thoughts and feelings - his love and devotion for Nancy Reagan and their family, his belief in God and the power of prayer.

Filled with Reagan's trademark wit and sharp intelligence, these diaries give us a unique understanding of one of the most beloved presidents in our nation's history.

The Wit and Wisdom of Ronald ReaganThe Wit and Wisdom of Ronald Reagan
James C. Humes
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Lovers of Ronald Reagan will enjoy learning about the wit, wisdom, and unique idiosyncrasies that made Reagan so beloved to many. Chapters are dedicated to meaningful quotations, humorous jokes, his take on various famous men and women, intrigues & trivia, stories behind some memorable lines, stories about him, and notes on some of his most famous speeches. Learn about the plaque commemorating over 70 lifeguard "rescues", his life in movies, times in the Oval Office, and more! Black and white photos open each chapter. 222 pages, hardcover with dust jacket.




Ronald ReaganRonald Reagan
Carole Marsh

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Correlated to state and national standards, this series teaches students about important people, places, and events in history. Broken down into short, easy to read passages reinforced by simple activities, each reader includes a glossary, interesting facts, reading, puzzles, highlights of achievements, sequencing of important events, and simple math activities. 12 pages each. Grades K-4.

Speaking My Mind: Selected Speeches with Personal Reflections - Audiobook on CDSpeaking My Mind: Selected Speeches with Personal Reflections - Audiobook on CD
Ronald Reagan
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One man, more than any other, has helped define the most important issues of our time. His name is Ronald Reagan - one of our nation's most powerful and popular Presidents. This extraordinary audio collection includes historical excerpts from selected addresses that span his political career, laying out his vision for America and the world. From his cornerstone 1964 speech on behalf of Barry Goldwater to his moving farewell address in January of 1989, here is President Reagan as we came to know him; the public figure, the political leader, the private man. Included are personal reflections from President Reagan recorded exclusively for this production--in an audio presentation that captures the voice, the spirit, and intellect of the greatest communicator America has ever known. Abridged. 5.5 hours.


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