Puritans in the New World: A Critical AnthologyPuritans in the New World: A Critical Anthology
David D. Hall, Editor
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This book tells the story of the powerful yet turbulent culture of the English people who embarked on an "errand into the wilderness." It presents the Puritans in their own words, shedding light on the lives both of great dissenters, such as Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson, and of the orthodox leaders who contended against them. Classics of Puritan expression, like Mary Rowlandson's captivity narrative, Anne Bradstreet's poetry, and William Bradford's Of Plymouth Plantation appear alongside texts that are less well known but no less important: confessions of religious experience by lay people, the "diabolical" possession of a young woman, and the testimony of Native Americans who accept Christianity. Hall's chapter introductions provide a running history of Puritanism in seventeenth-century New England and alert readers to important scholarship. Above all, this is a collection of texts that vividly illuminates the experience of being a Puritan in the New World. This book will be welcomed by all those who are interested in early American literature, religion, and history.

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PART I From the Old World to the New

Chapter 1

William Bradford, the "Pilgrims," and the Founding of Plymouth Plantation
William Bradford: Of Plymouth Plantation

Chapter 2

Thomas Weld: "We Dream Not of Perfection"
Thomas Weld: To His Former Parishioners at Terling

Chapter 3

Thomas Shepard on His Life in Old and New England
Thomas Shepard: "To My Dear Son": An Autobiography

Chapter 4

The Town of Dedham Organizes a Gathered Church
John Allin: A Brief History of the Church of Christ at Dedham

PART II Theology in New England: The Plight of Sinners and the Stages of Redemption

Chapter 5

Tomas Shepard's Catechism: On the Fall and Redemption of Humankind
Thomas Shepard: First Principles of the Oracles of God

Chapter 6

Thomas Hooker on Vocation, or the Gospel Promise
Thomas Hooker: The Gift of Free Grace through the Effectual Call

Chapter 7

Thomas Shepard on Sin
Thomas Shepard: The Sound Believer

Chapter 8

The Antinomian Controversy: John Cotton Debates the Other Ministers
John Cotton: A Conference Held at Boston

Chapter 9

Increase Mather on the New baptismal Piety
Increase Mather: Pray for the Rising Generation

PART III Patterns of Piety and Devotion

Chapter 10

John Winthrop on Becoming a Christian
John Winthrop: Christian Experience

Chapter 11

Laypeople Describe the Work of Grace
Confessions from the Churches of Cambridge, Chelmsford, and East Windsor

Chapter 12

Anne Bradstreet on Vanity and the Practice of Meditation
Anne Bradstreet: For my dear son, Simon Bradstreet
Anne Bradstreet: As Weary Pilgrim

Chapter 13

A Story of Spiritual Confusion: Elizabeth Knapp's "Diabolical Possession"
Samuel Willard: A Brief Account of a Strange and Unusual Providence of God Befallen to Elizabeth Knapp
of Groton

Part IV The Good Society

Chapter 14

John Winthrop on the Social Ethics of a Godly Commonwealth
John Winthrop: Christian Charity, A Model Hereof

Chapter 15

John Cotton on Democracy, Power, and Theocracy
John Cotton: To Lord Say and Sele 1636
John Cotton: An Exposition upon the Thirteenth Chapter of the Revelation
Chapter 16
John Winthrop Defends His Understanding of Authority
John Winthrop: A Little Speech on Liberty

Chapter 17

Sarah Goodhue on Family as a Spiritual Community
Sarah Goodhue: A Valedictory and Monitory Writing

Chapter 18

Anne Bradstreet: Verses Addressed to Her Husband and Family
Anne Bradstreet: To My Dear and loving Husband
Anne Bradstreet: In reference to her Children, 23 June 1659
Anne Bradstreet: In memory of my dear grandchild Elizabeth Bradstreet, who deceased August, 1665 being
a year and half old
Anne Bradstreet: On my dear grandchild Simon Bradstreet, who died on 16 November 1669 being but
a month, and one day old

Chapter 19

The Ministers Complain of Public and Private Sins, and Offer a Remedy for Them
Increase Mather: The Necessity of Reformation

Part V Dissenters

Chapter 20

Roger Williams: Separatist, Baptist, "Seeker"
John Winthrop: From A History of New England

Chapter 21

Anne Hutchinson Defies the Magistrates and Ministers
John Winthrop and Thomas Weld: A Short History of the Rise, Reign, and Ruine of Antinomians

Chapter 22

The Baptists Plead for Freedom of Conscience
John Clarke: Ill Newes from New-England
Roger Williams: To the Governor of Massachusetts
Sir Richard Saltonstall: To John Cotton and John Wilson
John Cotton: To Sir Richard Saltonstall

PART VI Encountering the Native Americans

Chapter 23

The Pequot "War" of 1637
John Mason: A Brief History of the Pequot War

Chapter 24

Forming Native American Congregations
John Eliot and Thomas Mayhew: Tears of Repentance

Chapter 25

The Martha's Vineyard Mission
Experience Mayhew: Indian Converts

Chapter 26

Mary Rowlandson: A Captive Because of God's Providence
Mary Rowlandson: The Sovereignty & Goodness of God

PART VII Errand into the Wilderness

Chapter 27

John Cotton on the Millennium
John Cotton: The Churches Resurrection

Chapter 28

Edward Johnson on New England's Newfound Prosperity
Edward Johnson: The Wonder-working Providence of Sions Saviour in New-England

Chapter 29

Samuel Danforth on Errand and Decline
Samuel Danforth: A Brief Recognition of New-England's Errand into the Wilderness

Chapter 30

Increase Mather on the Politics of Declension
Increase Mather: The Day of Trouble is near

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