Kingdom Ethics: Following Jesus in Contemporary ContextKingdom Ethics: Following Jesus in Contemporary Context
Glen H. Stassen, David P. Gushee
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In this masterful and innovative book Glen Stassen and David Gushee join profound ethical reflections with faith in Jesus Christ, a life of discipleship, and the hope of the present and coming kingdom of God. The result is a fresh, challenging and comprehensive treatment of Christian ethics centered on the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. Drawing on detailed studies of the Sermon on the Mount, Stassen and Gushee shed light on the whole of biblical ethical teaching as it relates to a wide range of issues, including peacemaking, just war, nonviolence, sexuality and gender roles, marriage and divorce, race, economics, care of creation, prayer, and politics. Their work yields neither an impossible idealism, nor an abstract ethical system, nor a generic religious legalism. Rather Stassen and Gushee set forth a holistic ethic that motivates us and provides us with a practical basis for living under the lordship of Jesus Christ.

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Section 1: The Reign of God and Christian Character

1. The Reign of God
2. Virtues of Kingdom People
3. Holistic Character Ethics

Section 2: The Way of Jesus and Prophetic Authority

4. Authority and Scripture
5. The Form and Function of Moral Norms
6. The Transforming Initiatives of the Sermon on the Mount

Section 3: The Gospel of Life

7. Just War, Nonviolence and Just Peacemaking
8. Sowing the Seeks of Peace
9. Restorative Penalties for Homicide
10. Valuing Life at Its Beginnings
11. Valuing Life at Its End
12. New Frontiers in Biotechnology

Section 4: Male and Female

13. Marriage and Divorce
14. Sexuality
15. Gender Roles

Section 5: The Central Norms of Christian Ethics

16. Love
17. Justice

Section 6: Relationships of Justice and Love

18. Truthtelling
19. Race
20. Economics
21. Care of the Creation

Section 7: A Passion for God's Reign

22. Prayer
23. Politics
24. Practices


Author Index

Subject Index

Scripture Index