Old Testament TheologyOld Testament Theology
Paul R. House
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Using history, poetry, prophecy, and apocalyptic literature, the Old Testament vividly portrays God's character. But sometimes cultural and historical barriers block our view of the Old Testament picture. Providing a thematic study of each Bible book, House sketches the history of Old Testament theology from Gabler to the present, offering his own methodology for canonical analysis. 600 pages, hardcover from InterVarsity.

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1. Old Testament Theology: History and Methodology

2. The God Who Creates - Genesis

3. The One God Who Delivers & Instructs - Exodus

4. The One God Who is Holy - Leviticus

5. The God Who Expects Faithfulness - Numbers

6. The God Who Renews the Covenant - Deuteronomy

7. The God Who Gives Rest in the Land - Joshua

8. The God Who Disciplines & Delivers - Judges

9. The God Who Protects, Blesses and Assesses - Samuel

10. The God Whose Word Shapes History - 1-2 Kings

11. The God Who Saves - Isaiah

12. The God Who Enforces the Covenant - Jeremiah

13. The God Who is Present - Ezekiel

14. The God Who Keeps Promises - The Book of the Twelve

15. The God Who Rules - Psalms

16. The God Who is Worth Serving - Job

17. The God Who Reveals Wisdom - Proverbs

18. The God Who Extends Mercy to the Faithful - Ruth

19. The God Who Oversees Male-Female Sexuality - Song of Solomon

20. The God Who Defines Meaningful Living - Ecclesiastes

21. The God Who is Righteous & Faithful - Lamentations

22. The God Who Protects the Exiles - Esther

23. The God Who Protects, Discloses & Rules - Daniel

24. The God Who Restores Remnants to the Land - Ezra-Nehemiah

25. The God Who Elects, Chastens & Restores - 1-2 Chronicles

26. The God of the Old Testament: A Summary

Appendix: Old Testament Theology Since 1993



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