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Walk On: The Spiritual Journey of U2 - Revised EditionWalk On: The Spiritual Journey of U2 - Revised Edition
Steve Stockman
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This revised version of Walk On: The Spiritual Journey of U2 picks up where the first edition left off - amid the cathartic atmosphere of the post-9/11 Elevation tour that ushered in the aggressive spirituality of 2005's Vertigo tour. It explores the controversy surrounding the deep-rooted religious themes of the band's music and the outspokenness of their lead singer, Bono. Moreover, it is a spiritual companion to their albums, exposing the real meaning behind many of their songs and performances.


Spiritual Journeys: How Faith Has Influenced 15 Musical IconsSpiritual Journeys: How Faith Has Influenced 15 Musical Icons
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What's the deal with Lauryn Hill and God? What about Moby's shout-outs to Jesus? The outlaw preacher persona of Johnny Cash? Nowhere else do faith and art intermingle so fluidly than in the ever-changing stream of popular music. For today's music lovers, the influence of traditional religion is waning. The institutional church is fighting to remain relevant. But personal spirituality and faith--particularly the kind espoused by our cultural icons--are as respected and interesting as ever. In the cultural conscience, pop stars have replaced preachers. Why? This book looks deeper into the issue by exploring the spiritual lives of a dozen of the most intriguing members of our entertainment culture. From Bono to Beyonce, P. Diddy to T-Bone, this book surveys the fascinating intersection of faith and art, from the fresh perspective of a new generation of spiritual seekers.

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