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Dancing into the AnointingDancing into the Anointing
Aimee Kovacs
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Praising the Lord through dance is a spiritual principle that, when followed, yields rewards similar to tithing. When we follow God's command to dance and offer our bodies as living sacrifices to Him, God opens up the windows of Heaven, pours out His blessings, and manifests His anointing in the midst of us. You will learn about the dancing Bride of Christ, the Tabernacles of Moses and David, the temple of Solomon, and the prophetic dance. You will also learn how to encourage the pastor, the musicians, the dancers, and the congregation to flow together, how to start a dance team at your church, and much more.

Worship Feast: Liturgical Dance: 8 Easy-to-Learn Dances for WorshipWorship Feast: Liturgical Dance: 8 Easy-to-Learn Dances for Worship
Erin Kacos
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Do you have two left feet? Are you rhythmically challenged? Well, get out your dancing shoes and fear not! Worship Feast liturgical Dance is a DVD that features 8 easy-to-learn dances for worship, with step-by-step instructions for each dance. The choreographer Erin Kacos will be your friendly instructor and will help you and your group learn and perform dance in worship. The dances are set to a variety of songs including hymns, worship songs, contemporary, and hip-hop. Titles include "Adore", "How Great Thou Art", "Shackles (Praise You)", and more.

Ann Stevenson
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Journey with Ann Stevenson as she leads you step by step through the mysteries of the divine beauty of dance as choreographed by the Creator Himself.

Where does dance fit into worship, warfare, and wholeness? Learn the foundational biblical truths vital to the fullness of God's created purpose for dance. A dancer since the age of three, Ann now directs one of the nation's largest Christian dance ministries and wants to teach you how to release yourself into the worship that God has called for you.

Learn how to reclaim and restore dance to its rightful place in the Kingdom of God. Oppose the enemy's efforts to keep dance in his worldly kingdom, and let discernment, wisdom, and maturity win the day against our ancient foe.

Corporate worship in the church will never complete or accomplish its original purpose to the satisfaction of God's heart without the divine element of dance functioning in its proper place. Previously published as Restoring the Dance.



 Christian Exercise

PraiseMoves: The Christian Alternative to Yoga, DVDPraiseMoves: The Christian Alternative to Yoga, DVD
Laurette Willis
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Looking for a way to refresh, renew, and rejuvenate without all the New Age mumbo jumbo of the yoga craze? Try Laurette Willis's Christ-centered exercise program! Integrating Scripture with two invigorating workouts, she helps you increase flexibility, tone muscles, improve balance, relieve stress, and control weight while deepening your knowledge of God's Word. Includes one 60-minute and one 20-minute workout.









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