The Evidential Power of Beauty: Science and Theology MeetThe Evidential Power of Beauty: Science and Theology Meet
Thomas Dubay
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While everyone is delighted by beauty, and the more alive among us are positively fascinated by it, few are explicitly aware that we can recognize truth by its beauty and simplicity. In this unique study of the power of beauty, Fr. Thomas Dubay explores the reasons why all of the most eminent physicists of the twentieth century agree that beauty is the primary standard for scientific truth. Likewise, the best of contemporary theologians are also exploring with renewed vigor the aesthetic dimensions of divine revelation. Honest searchers after truth can hardly fail to be impressed that these two disciplines, science and theology, so different in methods, approaches and aims, are yet meeting in this and other surprising and gratifying ways. This book relates these developments to nature, music, academe and to our unquenchable human thirst for unending beauty, truth and ecstasy, and thirst quenched only at the summit of contemplative prayer here below, and in the consummation of the beatific vision hereafter.

Down to Earth SpiritualityDown to Earth Spirituality
Al Fritsch

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Helping heal the earth brings healing to ourselves. Environmental action is not just for experts. Everyone can join in. The authors have focused their efforts in Appalachia and offer reflects to spurn others into actions.


Christ in a Grain of Sand: An Ecological Journey with the Spiritual ExercisesChrist in a Grain of Sand: An Ecological Journey with the Spiritual Exercises
Neil Vaney
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Finding God in all things takes on new meaning in our eco-spiritual age. The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius is perhaps the greatest retreat guide every written. Neil Vaney's innovative approach to the Exercises is an invitation to a journey of discovery, a challenge to look for Christ in all things and to find him everywhere, even in a grain of sand. Exploring for the first time the unique connection between ecology and the Exercises, Vaney reveals their relevance in our contemporary age. He leads us on an adventure, helping us make the Exercises with our new awareness of the intimate bond between spirituality and the natural world.


Christian and Islamic Spirituality: Sharing a JourneyChristian and Islamic Spirituality: Sharing a Journey
Maria Jaoudi
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Christian and Islamic Spirituality presents the similar teachings on love and peace that characterize these two magnificent traditions. Author Maria Jaoudi has spent a great portion of her life in the Middle East, and has written this work in order to create a bridge between Christians and Muslims at the deepest level of prayer and growth in spirituality. She also expresses their mutual heritage that has always been of concern for a peaceful and healthy planet. Dr. Jaoudi bases her chapters on the three classical mystical stages of the spiritual journey itself: purification, transformation and, finally, union with God. Each chapter centers on the insights of saints and theologians from both traditions. Jaoudi has included a section of God-centered ecology which reveals a mutual strong component in both religions.


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