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When Marian SangWhen Marian Sang
Pam Munoz Ryan
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Celebrate Black History Month---and the rich history of gospel music---with this enthralling true story of a courageous African American girl with a very special gift! Lavishly illustrated by Caldecott Honor medalist Brian Selznick, this tale begins with 6-year-old Marian Anderson singing "Let Us Break Bread Together" in her parents' cozy kitchen, and ends with her triumphant 1939 concert on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. 40 pages, hardcover from Scholastic.


Disruptive Christian Ethics: When Racism and Women's Lives MatterDisruptive Christian Ethics: When Racism and Women's Lives Matter
Traci C. West
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Bringing to the fore the difficult realities of racism and the sexual violation of women, Traci West argues for a liberative method of Christian social ethics in which the discussion begins not with generic philosophical concepts but in the concrete realities of the lives of the socially and economically marginalized. She writes, "The idea that we've 'moved beyond' our society's need for concretely identifying these concerns is a costly lie."

Presenting conscience-jarring stories of individual women's experience and endurance of prejudice, violation, and subjugation, West demonstrates how racism can impact key ideas in Christian ethics, influence government policy on welfare, infect public practice, and invade worship. Concluding with hope-filled testimonies of black women ministers and activists confronting heterosexism in their communities, Disruptive Christian Ethics is a virtual toolkit for how to "do" ethics. It enables readers to hone their skills at recognizing racial subjugation and demonstrates how to make the transformation of unjust, marginalizing conditions for women a key criterion for evaluating society's health.


I'm Chocolate, You're VanillaI'm Chocolate, You're Vanilla
Marguerite Wright
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A child's concept of race is quite different from that of an adult. Young children perceive skin color as magical--even changeable--and unlike adults, are incapable of understanding adult predjudices surrounding race and racism. Just as children learn to walk and talk, they likewise come to understand race in a series of predictable stages. Based on Marguerite A. Wright's research and clinical experience, I'm Chocolate, You're Vanilla teaches us that the color-blindness of early childhood can, and must, be taken advantage of in order to guide the positive development of a child's self-esteem.

With Heart & Hand: The Black Church Working to Save Black ChildrenWith Heart & Hand: The Black Church Working to Save Black Children
Susan Newman
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Offering valuable information for pastors and church leaders alike, this resource is a must read for those who want to make a difference in the lives of the children in their community.

Getting to Amen: 8 Strategies for Managing Conflict in the African-American ChurchGetting to Amen: 8 Strategies for Managing Conflict in the African-American Church
Lora-Ellen McKinney
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Lora-Ellen McKinney provides tools - drawn from Christian principles, psychological theory, and research - that will help churches move beyond chaos and confusion to harmony and heartfelt amens. Each chapter includes questions and recommendations that help churches manage conflict on specific topics.


Soul Stories: African American Christian Education (Revised Edition)Soul Stories: African American Christian Education (Revised Edition)
Anne E. Streaty Wimberly
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In this revision of Soul Stories, Dr. Wimberly moves even more in the direction of Christian Education with African American families. Soul stories link persons' everyday life with the Christian Scriptures. The soul stories in this revised volume take on a cross-generational orientation with emphasis on linking stories of family identities, events, relationships, and story plot with Bible stories and exemplary Christian faith stories found in the African Diaspora. This orientation builds on an awareness of the continued fragmentation of Black family life and the disconnect between generations on one hand, yet, on the other hand, the profound yearning of Black people for a common family history. The goal of Dr. Wimberly's model is to enliven the values associated with the image of "village" in order to empower and equip African Americans today.


Beyond Greens and Cornbread: Reflections on African American ChristiansBeyond Greens and Cornbread: Reflections on African American Christians
Diane Givens Moffett
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In African American preaching, storytelling, and singing-from the spirituals to the blues-poetic images, metaphors, and symbols take center stage, making the journey of African American Christians come alive in their own minds and in the minds of others. In a voice of prophetic inspiration, Beyond Greens and Cornbread joins that traditional chorus of poetry, sermon, and song to communicate the messages of African American hopes and dreams, virtues and vices, aspirations and inspirations, calling Christians of every race and ethnicity to move beyond our past challenges and even beyond our present traditions into a vision of hope and expectancy for the future.

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