Educating for Shalom: Essays on Christian Higher EducationEducating for Shalom: Essays on Christian Higher Education
Nicholas Wolterstorff
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In addition to his notable work as a premier Christian philosopher, Nicholas Wolterstorff has become a leading voice on faith-based higher education. This volume gathers the best of Wolterstorff's essays from the past twenty-five years dealing collectively with the purpose of Christian higher education and the nature of academic learning.

Integrated throughout by the biblical idea of shalom, these nineteen essays present a robust framework for thinking about education that combines a Reformed confessional perspective with a radical social conscience and an increasingly progressivist pedagogy. Wolterstorff develops his ideas in relation to an astonishing variety of thinkers ranging from Calvin, Kuyper, and Jellema to Augustine, Aquinas, and Kant to Weber, Habermas, and MacIntyre. In the process, he critiques various models of education, classic foundationalism, modernization theory, liberal arts, and academic freedom.

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Rethinking Christian Higher Education

Teaching for Shalom: On the Goal of Christian Collegiate Education

The Mission of the Christian College at the End of the Twentieth Century

The Integration of Faith and Learning--The Very Idea

On the Idea of a Psychological Model of the Person That Is Biblically Faithful

The Point of Connection between Faith and Learning

The World for Which We Educate

A Case for Disinterested Learning

The Project of a Christian University in a Postmodern Culture

Teaching for Justice: On Shaping How Students Are Disposed to Act

Autobiography: The Story of Two Decades of Thinking about Christian Higher Education

Can Scholarship and Christian Conviction Mix? Another Look at the Integration of Faith and Learning

Abraham Kuyper on Christian Learning

Particularist Perspectives: Bias or Access?

Academic Freedom in religiously based College and Universities

Christian Learning In and For a Pluralist Society

Should the Work of Our Hands Have Standing in the Christian College?

What Is the Reformed Perspective on Christian Higher Education?

Call to Boldness: A Response to Fides et Ratio