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Leadership Essentials: Shaping Vision, Multiplying Influence, Defining CharacterLeadership Essentials: Shaping Vision, Multiplying Influence, Defining Character
Greg Ogden, Daniel Meyer
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Prepare well to lead well! Ideal for individual use, with a partner or mentor, or in a training group, this 12-session interactive workbook helps you develop your own unique leadership gifts. Learn to cultivate the godly leader's character, posture, vision, and skill with Bible studies, insightful readings, memory verses, and practical exercises. 168 pages, softcover from InterVarsity.

5 Things Anyone Can Do to Lead Effectively5 Things Anyone Can Do to Lead Effectively
Phil Stevenson
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Part of the You Can! Series; here are 5 clearly-explained and practical things that will shape anyone into the leader they were meant to be. Each point includes discussion starters and action steps. Great for leadership meetings, or to supplement any kind of leadership development program.

Growing Leaders in the Church: The Essential Leadership Development ResourceGrowing Leaders in the Church: The Essential Leadership Development Resource
Gareth Crossley
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Author and church planter Gareth Crossley has designed a training manual for church leadership. In the prologue he explains that this is not designed as a self-help book but should rather be used interactively between a trainer and trainee. Emphasis is placed on the conduct and practice of leaders. Quotes from Scripture and bible reference are used throughout the book. Helpful bibliographies, interactive pages, and outlines are included.

Leading CharacterLeading Character
Dan B. Allender Ph.D.
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Character is critical to Christian leadership, but being nearly perfect is not. Whatever our role or position, we're marked by God's character---yet also marred by sin and brokenness. Blending humor, real-life stories, and biblical truths, Allender reveals that it's through transforming our shortcomings that we find our greatest opportunities to develop true leadership. 96 pages, hardcover from Zondervan.

Network, Revised, DVD CurriculumNetwork, Revised, DVD Curriculum
Bruce Bugbee, Bill Hybels
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Do people in your congregation have a passion for service? Here's a dynamic program that will help them fulfill their unique calling! Bill Hybels's 6-session Willow Creek curriculum motivates church members to discover their personal gifts, style, and ministry so they can give back to God what he has given them. Includes leader's guide, participant's guide, DVD, and PowerPoint CD-ROM.

Also Available:

Leader's Guide
Participant's Guide
PowerPoint DVD


The Equipping Church: Serving Together to Transform LivesThe Equipping Church: Serving Together to Transform Lives
Sue Mallory
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Description: All church leaders long to prepare God's people for works of service and to see the body of Christ built up until all reach unity and maturity. But how does this happen in the church? Leadership Training Network is an organization committed to influencing and resourcing innovative church leaders who equip people for biblical gift-based team ministry. In scanning the landscape it has spotted a growing movement of leaders committed to equipping people that crosses all barriers of denomination, geography, and style. The Equipping Church describes sixteen "equipping heroes" - churches that are already implementing these biblical principles. Mallory's story of becoming the Director of Equipping Ministries in a California church serves as a framework to explain what an equipping church is, how it functions, why this is a biblical model, and what is involved in making this transition. It addresses the felt need of pastors who know they should equip lay people, but want examples of churches who are already successfully doing it.

A Pastor in Every Pew: Equipping Laity for Pastoral  CareA Pastor in Every Pew: Equipping Laity for Pastoral Care
Leroy Howe
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Description: Pastoral care is the work of every Christian, not just the clergy. In this comprehensive Christian training manual from church leaders, author Leroy Howe presents a program that will help local church leaders empower and equip their congregations in developing pastoral care ministries. A Pastor in Every Pew will help program participants develop the skills they need to render effective Christian care in a variety of situations while establishing person-to-person caregiving that focuses on building trust, effective listening, dealing with feelings, prayer, and the uses of Scripture. Use of the book with groups will eliminate the need for expensive and time-consuming training programs.

On Church Leadership: A Book You'll Actually Read SeriesOn Church Leadership: A Book You'll Actually Read Series
Mark Driscoll
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Using his own personal experience and biblical conviction, Mark Driscoll founder of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, examines six important areas of church leadership. Helpful appendices that answer seventeen common practical questions about church leadership, as well as a sample membership covenant and a list of recommended reading for further study on church leadership make this book biblically sound and practically effective!
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Timothy Training ProgramTimothy Training Program
Frank Damazio
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Description: The Timothy Training Program is the first of our two phase plan for equipping and training specific leaders within your church. For oever thirty years the City Bible Church (formerly Bible Temple) has established and trained leaders in the context of the local church. With today's rapidly growing church, leadership training is critical to the establishment and growth of a healthy local church. The Timothy Training Program is designed to use for equipping potential leaders and the Lay Pastor Training Program takes the potential leaders one step further by establishing and training them for a Lay Pastor role. Taken from I and II Timothy, Timothy Training Program provides teaching materials for pastors and leadership trainers to use in equipping potential leaders. The Timothy Training Program will take students on a journey through the leadership principles found in Timothy's life. Highlights include requirements and expectations, proving and preparation, selection and character, equipping and placement, and promotion and progress. Ideal for small groups of medium size clases, this package incorporates teaching, discussion and relational hands-on discipling.

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Teacher's Guide

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