An Undivided Heart, Sister Circle Series #3 Discussion Questions: by Nancy Moser/Vonette Bright


1. Evelyn rejects Herb’s affections when they get serious. Is she doing the right thing? Would staying with Herb be “settling”?

2. Mae says, “It’s a sister’s job to read another sister. Sister-sighs are almost as telling as Sister-moans.” Do you think women are more adept at reading each other than men? Name a time when you’ve read the mood of a friend.


1. Piper gave up Gregory because of God's instructions not to be "unequally yoked" to an unbeliever. What do you think about this instruction--and Piper's sacrifice?


1. Lucinda Van Horn lives in the past. In some ways we all hold onto some glory-day in our pasts. What are you holding on to?

2. Evelyn believes there are different levels of love for different times of life. How does love change? Or does it?


1. In the movie, “Shadowlands” C.S. Lewis says (in regard to grief and love) “The pain then is part of the happiness now. That’s the deal.” Do you believe this is what God had in mind? Why does love have to hurt?


1. Heddy is moving out and new tenants are moving in. Yet “once a sister always a sister.” Who are your life-long friends? How do you stay in touch?

2. Evelyn feels an instant bond with Margaret and a lesser one with Lucinda. Share how you found immediate kinship with someone you met.


1. Peerbaugh Place receives a constant supply of tenants who need it as much as Peerbaugh Place needs them. Where have you moved that changed your life in a good way? Do you see God’s hand behind the move?


1. Lucinda grew up with money and now has none. Do you think it’s tougher to be poor after having money or to have never had wealth at all?

2. Some women are expert flirters, and in truth, it’s fun. Why? What need does it fill? When can it go wrong?


1. God created us to need each other. Yet men and women go to great lengths to “catch” one another. In your opinion, what does God think of the mating game?


1. Mae is fearful of “blowing it” with her daughter, of being too pushy about her faith. Have you ever gone overboard and turned someone off to God? What's the right way to do it?

2. Ted tells Starr he can no longer live with her because he’s become a follower of Jesus. Do you agree with his decision? Or has this "living together" issue become a gray area?


1. Tessa feels called to start a global ministry. She’s taken a few months to think about it, to pray, to seek guidance. Have you ever taken an extended time to consider a point of God’s direction? How did it go?


1. Accosta Rand talks to Evelyn about seeing “Jesus” in Gregory’s face. Have you ever seen such a thing? 2. Widower Wayne is thinking of dating again. It’s been three months. What determines the “right” amount of time between mourning and moving on?


1. Piper is concerned that, if given the chance, she will take matters in her own hands rather than wait for God’s direction. When have you done either? What were the results?


1. Piper challenges Starr regarding the type of work she’s doing. Starr says if she doesn’t do it, someone else will. So why should she stop?

2. Evelyn’s a nice woman, yet at the concert, she is clearly using Herb to be near Wayne. Have you ever blatantly used someone? Or been used yourself? What were the results?


1. Wayne has trouble tolerating Lucinda, yet vows to be polite. Jesus tells us to love the unlovable. When have you been asked to do such a thing?


1. Evelyn used to be nonconfrontational to a fault. Piper says arguments can be healthy. What do you think?

2. Describe the different motivations Margaret and Audra have of their “philosophy of order”.


1. As she attempts to be perfect like Christ, Margaret's engagement is broken. How have her good intentions gone wrong?


1. Evelyn snoops, reading Lucinda’s reunion registration form. Is snooping ever justified?

2. Wanda Wellington left a tangible legacy through her letters to her family. What do you think about writing such letters to family—even now—sharing your thoughts and feelings before it’s too late?


1. God says we shouldn’t “bear false witness”—lie. Lucinda lies about herself on her registration. Is there ever a good reason to lie on such a form?


1. Lucinda is caught in an embarrassing moment in her duckie pjs and turban. What outfit have you been caught in? How did you react?

2. Lucinda accuses Margaret of acting superior by cleaning up after her. Would the issue have been solved more satisfactorily if Margaret had confronted Lucinda head on?


1. When Starr goes to church the verses and sermon seem to fit what’s happening in her life. When has God provided just what you needed to hear in church?


1. The world seems to be conspiring to get Starr to realize she’s stubborn--she’s getting it from all sides. Has this ever happened to you regarding one of your less admirable traits?

2. Evelyn can’t seem to tell Herb the truth about her lack of feelings for him, plus she wants to hold onto him just in case Wayne doesn’t work out. Name a time you’ve hedged your bet. Did it work out as you hoped?


1. Margaret and Evelyn share their disappointments regarding love. “God never wastes a hurt.” How so? Give an example from your own life.


1. Lucinda is desperate to look younger, grabbing onto every “magic serum”. What miracle cures have you tried and what were the results? Is there such a thing?

2. The ladies of Peerbaugh Place feel that something isn’t right about Bobby’s sudden return into Margaret’s life. What do you think about women’s intuition?


1. God hates gossip and warns against it because of the very situation in Peerbaugh Place: gossip hurts. When has gossip hurt you? When has your gossip hurt another?

CHAPTER 13: 1. Lucinda is humiliated at her high school reunion. Nothing turns out as she envisioned. Why do you think this often happens at reunions?

2. A drunk, groping man enters an elevator with you. It's just you and him. What do you do?


1. On the night of the reunion God provided Lucinda with two men who saved her, encouraged her, and had a lasting impact on her life. Who has God sent to save you?


1. Lucinda made sure LeJames received a thank you for his good deed, and she also told someone in charge. When was the last time you did this? When should you have done it, but didn’t?

2. Collier gets Mae to slow down and not make things worse with Starr. Do you have a tendency to forge ahead when you shouldn’t? Or are you the one who helps others restrain themselves?


1. LeJames tells Lucinda in his note: “I can’t make you feel safe forever. No one can . . . Only God can do that. With Him you’ll never be alone or lonely. And He’s available to you any time of day. Any where.” Name a time God was with you when no one else was.


1. Mae’s friend and boss squelches her feelings about the positive revelation she had regarding her reunion. And Tessa’s daughter does the same for Tessa’s Sister to Sister idea. When have you been squelched? Or done the squelching?

2. Audra is exhausted yet she finds it hard to slow down or ask for help. What should she do? What have you done during such stressful times?


1. Satan makes us doubt. But God often counters with encouragement. Share such a time.


1. Traditionally, women have waited for the man to make the first move in a relationship. Mae encourages Evelyn to make sure Wayne knows she’s available. Do you agree?

2. Lucinda means well with her makeover offer, but her taste clashes with the other ladies’ tastes. What is the best way to handle such a situation?


1. Mae is faced with the joy of a grandchild, but is disappointed in how it came about. Explore a time when your love for your children collided with the need to forgive them.

CHAPTER 17: 1. With her new look, Lucinda feels like a new woman. Share your makeover successes—and disasters. 2. Piper wants to nudge her dad toward Evelyn, but Evelyn says, “I don’t want a man who’s been nudged. I want one who turns toward me of his own free will.” What do you think about helping two people find each other?


1. God instructs women to submit to their husbands as the husbands submit to the Lord. But what's the difference between submitting and being a doormat?


1. We’re supposed to honor our father and mother, but what should you do—as in Margaret’s case—when your parents don’t deserve the honor and make it difficult?

2. Evelyn’s relationship with her late husband shows that love and hate are sometimes intertwined. Have you ever experienced such a thing?


1. At church Lucinda heard the pastor say, “If our looks never faded we might not turn to Him to be our beauty. And in turn might not realize how precious we are to Him because of who we are inside.” How do we make society recognize this truth?


1. Margaret finds the lawyer’s letter about her inheritance. Betrayed by Bobby, her reaction nearly leads to her death. How else could she have reacted?

2. Piper’s patience and obedience to God’s ways is rewarded when Gregory becomes a Christian—and truly becomes hers. Name a time when God rewarded your obedience.


1. Tessa has taken a huge leap of faith with her women’s ministry and finds it daunting. Has God called you to do anything out of your comfort zone? What is (was) your answer?


1. Evelyn is hurled back into a hospital ER when Margaret is hurt, resurrecting her memories of her husband’s death. Do you think such an encounter with a difficult point in our past is necessary, productive, or should it be avoided?

2. Never ever, did Lucinda think her modeling experience would lead her to be a beauty consultant to the homeless. Has life ever tossed you a curve where you used one of your talents/experiences in an unexpected way?


1. After the accident, Margaret realizes, “My motives were good, but I was doing it all wrong. Doing. That was the key. Out there in the cold, I told God I'd start being what He wanted me to be instead of doing what I thought I should do.” Is this a lesson you’ve learned yet? How?

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