Selected Writings: Thomas AquinasSelected Writings: Thomas Aquinas
Ralph McInerny
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Although a controversial figure in his own day, St. Thomas Aquinas (c. 1225-74) forged a unique synthesis of faith and reason, of ancient philosophy and sacred scripture, which decisively influenced Dante and the whole subsequent Catholic tradition.

Intensely interested in Aristotle, as well as Plato, Paul, and Augustine, Thomas believed that unaided human thought can take us a long way towards wisdom and truth, although it must always be supplemented by the central mystery of revelation. His writings contain many classic statements of doctrine about angels, the Incarnation, Trinity, sacraments and the soul and also penetrating discussions on choice, creation and conscience, law, logic and the purpose of life. In this superb selection, arranged chronologically, Ralph McInerny brings together sermons, commentaries, responses to criticism and substantial extracts from one of Christianity's supreme masterpieces, the Summa theologiae. For anyone concerned to find ways of reconciling science and dogma, reason and religion, Thomas has always been a major source of inspiration. This volumes reveals both the development and the sheer scope of his work.

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A Note on the Texts

Part One: Student (1245-56)

1. The Inaugural Sermons
2. On the Principles of Nature
3. On Being and Essence
4. The Nature of Theology
5. The Work of the Six Days of Creation

Part Two: Master at Paris (1256-9)

6. Theology, Faith, and Reason
7. How are Things Good?
8. The Meanings of Truth
9. On the Teacher
10. On Conscience

Part Three: Italy (1259-68)

11. Proof of God's Existence
12. The Human Good
13. On the Divine Simplicity
14. On Goodness and the Goodness of God
15. On Creation
16. On Angelic Knowledge
17. Definitions of Soul
18. Platonism and Neoplatonism

Part Four: Paris (1269-72)

19. The Range of Natural Philosophy
20. How Words Mean
21. On the Ultimate End
22. On Human Choice
23. What Makes Actions Good or Bad?
24. On Law and Natural Law
25. The Virtures
26. The Active and Contemplative Lives
27. On the Eternity of the World
28. The Love of Wisdom

Part Five: Naples (1272-4)

29. The Logic of the Incarnation
30. What is a Sacrament?
31. The Exposition of the Book of Causes
32. Exposition of Paul's Epistle to Philemon
33. Exposition of the Angelic Salutation